My perspective with the APC Gubernatorial Election held in Kwara – Amb Muhydeen Giwa

 6 October,  2018.

With utmost sincerity, I can vouch that Nigeria is not ready to acquire it’s  desired democracy. The APC primary election conducted at Kwara state today has proved to me that, true democracy does not exist in Nigeria as a result of manipulations, violence, usual vote buying and selling but few to mention displayed by calibre of personalities in the state today. 

Fast backward to some months ago when I joined a team called Kwara Rebirth Ambassadors (KRA), A youth-led platform that gave room to air opinions and inclusion regardless of your background. We were introduced about the need to rebirth Kwara and how it can be achieved,  this ignites my passion again in governance. As a visionary fellow, I looked at all candidates with trackable records that are aspiring for the gubernatorial position and I can only pitch my tent with Alh. Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha fondly called LOM,  the owner of ever blazing SOBI FM. Fair enough? Yes because, he has never governed in any political position but in leading institutions such as FCMB with commendable achievements.

According to my Ideology, In politics, money and media decides who wins election meanwhile, it is expected that only values should decide fates. 

It all started about preaching what my chosen candidate has done,  what he is doing and what he is capable of doing. The KRA team led by distinguished comrades, Abdulrasheed Akogun Shoboi⁩  and Ibrahim Sheriff Gold⁩ went to nook and cranny of Kwara to inform kwarans about the REBIRTH MISSION, it was tough  carried out with sweat, tears and passion to deliver Kwara from hegemony. Majority of well meaning kwarans bought into the idea and promised to vote the worthy candidate. 

Fast forward to few days to election, vote buying and selling started till today, it went far worse to an extent that electorate sold their future for sum of 100naira. The violence, rigging and manipulation became the talk of the town despite kwarans desire to rebirth their state. Who is fooling who?  

My take,

we were inexperienced with manipulations, violence and other forms of political malpractices but has the wherewithal to transform and influence electorate to chose a befitting candidate for the party

With deep and great empathy, I feel honored to join the cause of pushing forward a candidate I can spend my resources on. 

In the struggle to revive Kwara from gold diggers,  it was a privilege to work with ⁨Sheriff Gold⁩ Shoboi Akogun⁩ ⁨Bolaji Aladie⁩ ⁨Lanre Analyst⁩ and well meaning young blood in the game.  They are fighters that worth emulating, they are game changers,  their commitment and wherewithal to bring forth a desired candidate was one of a kind.  Words failed me tonight, whether we win or not, you guys won my heart. If I have a chance to be in the game again, I will still pitch my tent with you guys.

Regardless of who wins, our collective desire is to take back power from a dynasty that led us in to this status quo characterized with mediocre. May the best candidate wins. 

Amb. Muhydeen Giwa

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