Aftermaths of APC Congress in Okaka Ward, Daibu Supporters Threaten BabaPodo

Aftermath of the just concluded ward congress of the ruling APC in Okaka ward of Ilorin South Local Govt, report has it that supporters and hired thugs of Alh. Lanre Daibu who is a popular APC stalwart and loyalists to Sen. Bukola Saraki leadership have been doing everything possible to blackmail Alh. BabaPodo who is another bigwig of the party in the ward.

The scheme designed to discredit BabaPodo according to the source who confided in this platform is to tell Sen. Saraki who is the leader of the party in the State that he (Babapodo) is doing bidding of Hon. Mashood Mustapha popularly known as (MM) who has been suspended in his ward for antiparty activities. The source said,

 ” in order to cover the ignoble and awful outing of their leader (Daibu) whose candidate Kola Oba Aluko lost flatly to Daibu’s former ally Alagbede supported by BabaPodo in the ward chairmanship race, their hatchet plan is to employ blackmailing tactics against BabaPodo by framing him up before leader (Saraki) that he is working for MM because that is the only reason leader will listen to at the moment”.

Recall that Kola Oba Aluko popularly known as ‘Hamilton’  backed by Daibu in the congress polled 20 votes as against 179 polled by Alagbede who was formerly ally of Daibu but sponsored by BabaPodo. The development has reported infuriated Daibu who mobilised his supporters and some cultists to march to the party secretariat in Fate to protest. 

Another source who interacted with our correspondent on the authenticity of the report said, “had it not been for intervention of the people present at the secretariat particularly APC stalwarts like Alhaji Tolagbe Alege, former health commissioner, Alhaji Ayinde Kutigifu, Alfa Dembo Pupa and many others from Ilorin South, perhaps BabaPodo would be lynched by Daibus thugs that day.”

BabaPodo who is a grass rooters and former supporter of Daibu was infuriated by the fact that party position was turned to personal business where Daibu nominated his brother from the same house against the popular wish of the ward.

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