Where Is Sheriff Shagaya?

In the field of Kwara politics before 2015, little was known or heard of Alhaji Sheriff Olayinka Shagaya,  the People Democratic Party (PDP) flag bearer for house of representative seat in Asa and Ilorin West Federal Constituency. But, the polls brought to limelight the bearer and ever since, it has remained a household name.

Though, Sheriff lost the election to the incumbent, Bar. Abdulrazak Atunwa, but for a first timer who has never has anything in common with political terrain, he got 38,600 votes and if not for Buhari Tsunami which swept the polls results in favour of the ruling APC across every part of the nation, plus rigging abracadabra perfected across the constituency which he came from by the representatives of the hegemony, he could have been the one at the lower chamber today as lawmaker instead of Atunwa. The rest is now history.
Aftermath of the elections, Sheriff Shagaya before he returned to his Abuja base, in spirit of sportsmanship accepted the poll outcomes and told his teeming supporters neither to feel dejected nor sulk with the result but brace up to fight for another day with promise to always be around especially to fulfill some if not all his electoral promises to them, and he gave assurance never to exhibit the known traits of some of our politicians who will leave the people after elections and never invest anything on them until the period of another election. And this, he upheld with establishment of an award winning NGO called  SALMAN SHAGAYA FOUNDATION which its various humanitarian activities has touched more than a thousand lives since its establishment.

Fast forward to upcoming 2019 elections, as tradition, every known and unknown names that wish to vie for one elective position or others have began to trend on social media but until the time of scribing this, the name of the influential Shagaya’s son is yet to surface and this spur this writer to pen this in curiosity to know why SSF founder is yet to relaunch his political interest.
With his reaction to his loss in the last election, it is quite obvious that Sheriff is not the type of contender who could be overwhelmed with failure and fear to retry, possibly he feels it is better to give more times and attentions to his vast business networks while using Salman Shagaya Foundation as a tool to propagate his humanitarian and philanthropic gestures instead of direct political involvement so as to disappoint and shame naysayers who hold believe that SSF activities are for politics.
This is quite understandable,  but Sheriff Shagayah needs not to convince anyone on this as his creator knows of his inner and outer intentions. He should rather come back to politics to vie for the representative seat once again, that ticket remains his best chance for now, why? This time could be his chance for the reasons stated below…

-President Muhammad Buhari Tsunami will definitely not work in totality this time, who can even guarantee him return?
-Over the last 3 years that they’ve came to power, the ruling APC both at federal and State level couldn’t maintain a cordial relation within its fold making it susceptible to break up before next elections.

-The performance scorecard of Atunwa who got the seat is too woeful to earn him return.

-Sheriff himself has continue to endear himself to the people of his constituency with his foundation activities, this gesture is very uncommon amongst our so called politicians, especially those who lost election.

– Kwarans are much ready to vote out the present occupants of the government seats, the last Local government election speaks volume of this, and this could earn Alhaji Sheriff Shagaya better opportunity to achieve his political desire.
Sheriff Shagaya should know truly, he may not deem it necessary to come back for personal reasons as God is giving him everything he desires without being in political position, still, he needs to consider it as part of civic responsibilities in the interest of the community and society which produced him to come back to contribute his quota via politics and governance.
The people of Asa and Ilorin West would be so happy to have him on board again as part of those warriors who work toward redemption of Kwara and Kwarans  from the clog of retrogression.

Thought of  a Concerned Kwaran from Sheriff Shagayah Constituency

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