What Are The Offences Committed By Kwarans? An Open Letter To Kwara State Government – By Bolaji Aladie

Dear Kwara State Government,


Rather than paying ₦350k- ₦450k to enrol one person at IVTEC, I would put 10 persons under different conventional professional trainers at average of 35k each and we shall get the same result of IVTEC if not better in term of skills acquired. Only if primary aim of IVTEC is certificate driven that we won’t beat the center’s outputs.


Dear Kwara State Government,


Patriotic salutations to the occupiers and offices they represent in our dear State of harmony. May Lord reward the services you offer us accordingly.

Can we know the unforgivable offences committed by we Kwarans which make you subject us to continuous monumental sufferings in term of execution of projects that have little or no impact in the lives of 95% of your citizenry?
Would you please tell us what we did wrong that make us deserve deprivation, stigmatization and alienation from the goodies of your administration since 2003 till date?

Why are you giving us proverbial ‘Barren Land’ for plantations? Why calling us for feast at the same time denying us accessibility to the tables where the delicacies were set? Why? And why? Let us know so we can seek unreserved forgiveness.

Every of the gargantuan projects you embarked on have always been to waste our scarce resources while you stay away from executing ones that will benefit ordinary citizen in the name of setting standards. Why don’t you deal with us according to what is realisable instead of what are mere dreams.
Every project has been fraudulent and scam back to back.

You keep on embarking on projects gulping multi millions or at times billions but the resultant effects of these couldnot be felt in 10% of those you were elected to govern. Why nah? Wetin we do you self?
For conventional education, you established State University, how many civil servants or low income earners can afford the tuition fees?

State owned polytechnic management has been on tuition fees imbroglio with students for some days or month now. It took intervention of Governor-General before the tuition fees increment was reversed and reduced with ₦5k.
State colleges of education are in infrastructure and administrative moribund as a result of little interventions from government despite that these institutions raked in reasonable money to the State Coffer.

Your School of Aviation is not for children of common men. Where do you expect us to get millions to fund our wards to attend this institution?

Diagnostic Center is for first class citizens that are not up to 5% of the State population. Only necessity beyond evasion will compel lower class citizens to transact with the establishment.

Tshonga Farm: Your explanations till date remain unwelcome and unconvincing to the masses. You know why? The resources expended on it doesn’t show it is a worthy establishment/project.
Only people with ‘BOOK HEAD’ would agreed with you that we are reaping the benefits. No amount of explanation/persuasion can make Iya Alata, Iya Onibeske, Baba Birikila, Boda Ọlọkada to agree with you as far as Tshonga is concerned.

I won’t like to talk about the Nigeria longest Overhead bridge at Challenge-Post Office and the ongoing construction of diamond underpass at Geri Alimi, you know why? The roads linking up to them have potholes in abundance despite that the State have expended millions on asphalt plant.

NOW! International Vocational Technical and Entrepreneurship Center Ajase Ipo (IVTEC) which took you four good years to construct with billions of Naira. The released tuition fees is in hundreds of thousand Naira. For wetin? Acquiring skills to become professionals in vocations such as electrical electronics, Bricklaying, Mechanic, Welding and so forth. You wan kill us ni?

Who go pay da kain money for Heaven sake? Where do you expect people to get such outrageous money for payment? Not even civil servants and other State workers whom are owed salary in months or getting partly payment can afford that. Those who even get full salary, you expect them to part with such exorbitant sum to train their wards at IVTEC when they can easily train them with conventional experts in those fields and pay: Cabin Biscuits and Malt for admission, average of ₦20k for tuition fee depending on the skill and agreement made with the trainer and graduation (Freedom) requirements after training years would be in compliance with purse of the graduand’s family.

Ironically, the few who constitute senior citizen ranks (politicians, government officials and the likes) would never patronise your IVTEC if vocation trainings become alternative for their wards. They would rather send them overseas to receive trainings better than what you offer here. Abi no be for this country where educational minister’s child graduated from foreign school. If I lie, lead by example by mandating every of your cabinet members to enrol at least two of their offsprings at the center.

I am not saying you should not do projects, they are good and expected but not these elephant types that gulp billions from the coffer and ended up adding no value to lives of 90% of the populace.

Meanwhile, I must let you know that if your IVTEC continue to expect Kwarans to pay hundreds of Thousand to learn vocation skills, its prosperity and flourishing probability is a dream that will be fulfilled not now but later years and till then, we shall concluded that you have wasted our mean resources again to establish ineffectual project.

Thank you for your service to us, posterity will remember you.

Yours Patriotic Citizen,
Bolaji Aladie

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