We Will Not Surrender Our Party To Anybody – Kwara PDP Writes Secondus

Being a Press Statement Issued by the Kwara Strategic Alliance (KSA), on issues affecting our Party, PDP in Kwara state  at the Party’s Secretariat, Ilorin, Kwara State, this day 20/07/2018


KWARA STRATEGIC ALLIANCE: We will not surrender our Party to anybody

Kwara Strategic Alliance is a coalition of PDP youths and youth mobilizers across the sixteen Local Governments of Kwara state, whom have come together to raise our voices against some abnormalities looming in our great party which is capable of absolutely killing the high spirit we’ve used to take the party thus far in Kwara state and in fact, render PDP politically valueless in the face of voters from Kwara state if not swiftly addressed. 

It has for some months now been rumoured that the common enemy of Kwarans and the stumbling block in the the developmental strides of Kwara state,  Senator Bukola Saraki-led political dynasty has been romancing with the National leadership of our dear party, People’s Democratic Party (PDP). A romance that was made obvious since the very first day Prince Uche Secondus emerged as the Party’s National Chairman, as made possible by us,  faithful members of the party. 

It would not be out of place to remind Prince Uche Secondus that the Senate President has been gripped with political confusion since he was defeated and humiliated in the 2017 Local Government elections, where even in his own ward and polling unit, he was floored. Confronting Saraki with the sad reality that himself and his cohorts has been politically blacklisted by Kwarans and that Kwarans are rejecting him and his political leadership in the state, hence, the rationale behind his desperate bids to destabilize the PDP, a movement seen by Kwarans beyond just political party but a vehicle that will emancipate the people of Kwara state from the shackles of underdevelopment, infrastructural decay, high wired corruption and misgovernance under Saraki’s political leadership. 

It should also be recalled that in the wake of 2015 general elections, the same Saraki was one of those saboteurs whose personal interests took out of the PDP and owing to the anarchical system of politics he is known for, which makes him the alpha and omega of the party in Kwara state, he reduced the party to nothing in Kwara state. It took relentless efforts, finances by well meaning party faithfuls, sacrifices and unwavering commitments of members to reawake PDP in Kwara state, which today is admired and pride by Kwarans as the people’s tool to dismantle the political hegemony that has held us aback. 

We are  however absolutely disgruntled with the prevailing dispositions and body language of the National Leadership of our great party, PDP towards Saraki and his cohorts and against the interest of her members in Kwara state and in fact, the generality of Kwarans whose hope for political reinvention are hinged on the PDP. Although, up till this moment, we still consider it as rumours, the coming of Saraki to PDP, as none of the party leaders in Kwara state have informed us as party faithful of such. 

It was a rude shock receiving the news of the coming of our party’s National Chairman to our state capital, Ilorin to grace the funeral of Kawu Baraje’s mother, without even informing the Kwara state Chairman, or even extend courtesies to the party members in Kwara state. But he was instead recieved by the Saraki cohorts. We consider this an insult on the persons of all party faithful in Kwara state and a flagrant show of disrespect for all of us, including the state Central Working Committee (CWC), who are only active in castigating Saraki but cannot confront the intra party aberrations currently thriving within the PDP. 

Prince Secondus and his co-travellers should be reminded that this is not 1999, 2003, 2007 or 2011, from 2015, Nigerians have grew from political neophytes, whose voting pattern is determined by money and deception, to well politically enlightened and conscious people, majority of whom are no more gullible to cajoled to sell their votes or deceived to trust known gluttonous politicians again, hence, the failure on arrival of the Elitist strategy of Prince Uche Secondus-led PDP National Working Committee. Nigerians and ultimately, Kwarans are tired of the political elites whose personal interests robbed of patriotism, what we need is a populist party, where the general interest of all supercedes that of some, opposite of which is Senator Bukola Saraki and cohorts. 

For the records, Bukola Saraki have never been loyal to anybody or party except his personal interest in the history of his political sojourn, despite enormously benefiting from the PDP,  he was one of the arrow heads that collided  to destabilize the party in 2013 with the formation of the illegal nPDP, which later merged up forces with the APC. Today, the same man whose membership of APC gave him opportunity to the Senate Presidency and whose political career was saved from extinction in 2015, is today covertly the sponsor of the illegal rAPC trying to destroy a party he pose to belong to. Are these not evidences enough to convince Prince Secondus and the entire PDP leadership that Saraki is only loyal to his personal interest and not that of any party, state or even the nation? 

In Nigeria today, it is unfortunate that the past leadership of the PDP have succeeded in painting PDP a coalition of corrupt leaders, narrative of which has been successfully changed at the state level as far as Kwara is concerned. Instead of Prince Uche Secondus-led administration of the party to bring back political morality and social sanity to the PDP to nock out her reputational challenges, the Chairman is unfortunately wooing virtually all political figures in Nigeria with the highest corruption perception index, one of which is Senator Bukola Saraki whose only business enterprise is Kwara state and almost running bankrupt!

Our minds thus become agitated on the reason why the leadership of our own party allows itself to be used as instrument of destabilization of their own party in Kwara state.  If the Secondus-led PDP leadership are endeared to Saraki because of the looted funds of Senator Bukola Saraki, that shouldn’t take away their senses of responsibilities and morality to the members of the party. They should not furiously disregard or try to discard their loyal members, who stood by the PDP through thick and thin periods, for a man who is inconsequential and personifies selfishness and betrayal. 

The PDP is by the nature of of it’s name and ideological inclination a party that believes strongly and abides by democratic tenets and the rule of law. It is our convictions that the PDP constitution clearly states the procedures for admitting new members into the party, it is a bottom up approach. Why is the National Working Committee of PDP acting against it’s own constitution and principles just to please an inconsistent man and his cohorts? Is this not an indication that the party is positionimg itself as a lawless and immoral one, with no iota of respect for it’s own members and constitution? If this is done to the whole structures of PDP in Kwara state that has given it’s all to the party, it is a pointer that if PDP under Prince Secondus will never be grateful to Nigerians if the party is trusted with their support and votes.  

We will like to end this address with a yoruba adage that says: ‘if an elderly person doesn’t respect himself to ride a horse, it is not disrespectful of the horse to fall the elderly person’. It is on this note that we are registering out protest as faithful members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara state, that we will NOT tolerate any attempt to undermine the constitution and membership of the party in the state because of a new entrant. If anybody is interested in joining the PDP in Kwara state, let them apply to their various wards. We will resist with everything legal in our disposal, to prevent any attempt to hand over not even a ward structure to any new entrant into the party, they’re new entrants and should be treated as such. If they feel too big to go to their wards and register as new members in line with the party’s constitution, it will be a disappointment realizing the National CWC are the ones aiding and abetting their lawlessness. We are also adding that the PDP CWC should be very careful of the kinds of political figures they’re wooing into the party, the likes of Senate President Bukola Saraki is an infectious politician whose virus will only have negative implications for the party in Kwara state and Nigeria as a whole. 

Conclusively, we demand a sincere apology from  Prince Secondus-led National CWC for flagrant show of disrespect and disregard to the party faithful and leadership in Kwara state and equally demand that he retrace his steps and stop working against the interest of Kwarans, by having prejudicial political romance with Senator Bukola Saraki, a blacklisted politician and his cohorts such as Kawu Baraje and other confused politicians and serial defectors whom have never found dumping a party for developmental issues but selfish interests.

Our party is ours, we welcome genuine and loyal new entrants but we will never surrender our party to anybody, under any condition whatsoever. 

God bless Kwara state and Nigeria. 

Gos bless PDP

Power to the People,  Freedom for Kwara

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