We prefer stream water to Borehole- Gov. Ahmed’s Kinmen

Indigenes of Ifelodun local government of area of Kwara State, the local government of Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed, the executive governor of the State, have emphasised their preference for stream water over boreholes, this medium can report.

This much was disclosed when this medium toured some towns in the local government. The town includes Amoyo, Jimba Oja, Olayinka, Igbaja, Oke-Ode, Idofian, Gatta among others.

Speaking exclusively with this medium, a middleaged woman who identified herself simply as Iya Kabiru, who was seen fetching an unhygienic water under the bridge into her Jerry cans. Flowing beneath this bridge located before OLAYINKA TOWN is Oyi River, and it is sardonically pitiable that its contents are shared by the the people of this community with cattle whose defecation can be seen all round the bank of this river, unbelievable to us, we sighted a man taking his bath in nudity at some close corner under the bridge with same water.

When our reporter engaged her on the health implications, she insisted the community prefers the river water to borehole and pipe-borne water.

Iya Kabiru according to her came all the way from Agunji to fetch water in the jerry cans, a journey of almost 20minutes on bike.

She said ” I came all the way from Agunji to fetch water from this river (Oyi), this is our major source water in this community and our neighbouring communities.

“Although we have some boreholes built by individuals, it is however not enough to go round, majority of us actually prefer this river as our major source of domestic water” she stressed.  

Speaking in the same vein, a Fulani man identified as Sagir, affirmed that Oyi river serves as the major source of water for good people of this community as they have no any other alternative”

Some few meters from that spot, we met another old woman with her container under another bridge digging dry land to source for water.

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