The Tale of Fortune Hunter – By Mohammad Olojoku T.

Once upon a time, there was a hunter who travelled from far West to the North in search of greener pastures. As part of tradition of northerners, he was warmly welcomed. He enjoyed his living with them as they shown him true love due to the accommodative nature of his hosts. The hunter was shown any form of discrimination and he enjoyed all benefits of the land as if he was original son of the soil. He enjoyed so much his stay to the extent that you will find it difficult to trace his true origin as he had became an integral part of his hosts.
As a foreigner who was searching for his sustainability in a new land, find it as an imperative to have friends in order to build his tent. Therefore, he began to establish his relationship with noble and notable humanitarian sons and daughters of the land of which was succeeded. His coast began to expand as he got access to the rulers of the land through his friendship with many of the notable indigenous members of the land. 

A time came when the service of the said hunter was needed at the national zoo to treat some wounded and infected animals in the zoo as a result of internal war that lasted for years. The hunter was short of funds to execute this colossal project that was capable of changing his life for better and to hit the limelight. 

In a nutshell, the hunter approached one of the notable and wealthiest son of the land for the leverage. After done deal, he refused to honour the agreement. The efforts of the lender to get his capital back and forget about the interest were led to the concord of meeting in the far away Europe to settle their grievances. As the family of lender bid him good bye, reverse was the case of returning as they welcomed the corpse of their bread winner, reported that he was assassinated in Europe. The voyage that supposed to be voyage of joy turned to the voyage of sorrow. 

As time passed on, the hunter began to lunch his mast has he already extended his creeks to every length and breadth of the northern state in order to capture the whole state under his control. The hunter was succeeded in his plans by capturing the nooks and crannies of the land because he was a hunter with sophisticated weapons whilst his recipients were still in possess of outdated and rotten weapons. 

Before the sons and daughters of the soil gain their consciousness, the hunter has captured the whole north and succeeded in enthroning his son to continue his cruel and ill-manner in guise of being holy before the remaining animals that were yet to wake up from their slumbering. The hunter junior then continue feeding the animals with husks instead of grains they deserved. Now, there is uproar among the true sons and daughters of the soil to reclaim their stolen glory. 

Please, who will help these legitimate sons and daughters of this soil from this wrecking ship that is heading to an unfortunate destination. The answer is that nobody but their creator and themselves because it is said that heaven helps those who help themselves. 

Mohammed Olojoku Tajudeen

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