The Dilemma Of Policemen: 13 Powerful Messages For Police Monitoring Unit To Ponder On

Nigeria Police Force Monitoring Unit came into existence in order to bring sanity, uprightness and efficiency to Nigeria policing system whose good image increasingly dwindle in fortunes before the public due to bad reputation given to it by some bad eggs in the system.

But whenever we face a problem in this nation, we tend to give much importance to its effects with little or no attentions to the causes which led us to the problem. This over the years has made problems bedevilling us insurmoutable and this can be said exactly of  Nigeria Police Force monitoring unit which desires result without digging for the root of albatross giving the system bad names.

According to a source who confided with Legend Lens, he pointed out 13 salient points which are contributing to inefficiency of the Nigeria Police Force with hope that if necessary step are taking appropiately without putting cart before the horse, in no sooner time than later, the NPF would definitely regain her lost glory.

Below are the points…

 1. Poor salary and remunerations of the officers given apparent opportunities for the criminals to induce them with money and other materials.

2. Lack of infrastuctures such as good furniture, electrical appliances, modern gadget, at the Charge Room in various police divisions across the country.

3. Lack of modern facilities at Police administrative offices. These include set of functioning computers and other ICT related apparatus that can bring the Force in the same par with her contemporaries in developed world. How can prompt and active administration be achieved with obsolete policing system?

4. Unavailability of regular power including serviceable power generator which can serve as back up for the Division. 

5. The DPO sources for money to furnish his/her office from anywhere, yet we desire justice from the system. Information from credible sources has it that quarterly maintenance of the Division with prisoners feed allowances is between 35K and 50k depending on the location of the Division. Firstly, by virtue of hike in price of all things due to harsh economy, the money provided is too small put things in order, still, some greedy individuals in the system still corner the intervention to personal pocket.

6. It is despairing that a policeman whoever got injured in the cause of his duty is abandoned to carry his cross. Yet, they are looking for commitment from them.

7. Despite there are kit stores which got reasonable shares from Police budgets, it is appaling that Policemen still take out of their meager salary to buy kits for themselves.

8. The patrol vans were either donated by state govt, companies or individuals and the fueling and maintenance is the responsibility of the P&G and his team, yet they are shouting extortion and looking up for Quick Response Unit.

9. The DCO and his/her IPOs manages themselves at the DCB, while provision for stationeries materials to run the day-to-day activities of the stations such as Case Files, Statement forms, Bail Bonds, and others are left at mercy of the IPOs. If bail is made free as it is use to say, where would stations get money to get things done?

 10. Transfer everyday!

Officers and men are been transferred either intra or inter state. The police authority don’t care where the transferee will put his/her head before settling down in the new place. Yet, they are shouting ineffectiveness.

11. Lobbying, without consideration for merit or experience has dominated posting of personnel. How can we achieve professionalism with this? 

12. Raw civilians were recruited and given special promotion ahead of experienced in-service men. And we busy looking for reasons why indiscipline and deterioration are becoming order of the day in the service.

13. Officers and men were living in leaking and dilapidated barracks while their mates in other organisations build their own houses. No sound education, no balanced diet for their children, and lots more…. 

Our source then asked, “Who is now hunting who?
Are the Monitoring Unit not part of this same organisation?
We urge the monitoring unit and other hierachies concerning the welfare of Nigerian Police to looking keely to these and proffer working and lasting solutions that will bring desired results without witch hunting anyone in the system.

God bless Nigeria Police Force.

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