Some Notable Achievements of Late Gen. Sani Abacha’s Tenure

It is a known fact that definitely a man cannot be perfect in all his deeds especially when such man have opportunity to hold any position of authority no matter how small. There would be some of his actions and inactions which would be commended and some which would be condemned. For such occasion, history remains the best tool to set record straights and it always remained better when there exist a living witness who can help with narration of such history.

Gen. Sanni Abacha

Below are some notable achievements recorded by Gen. Sanni Abacha led military government from the year 1993-1998 as compiled by one of his loyalists.

  • Construction of the Federal House of Representatives
    The National Constitutional Conference.
  • The Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund (PTF).
  • Supported and Financed the National Programme on Immunization.(NPI).
  • The Federal Character Commission (FCC).
  • The National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (NEC).
  • The Registration of Five Political Parties.
  • The Zero Party Election.
  • The State Assembly Election.
  • The Failed Banks Tribunal.
  • Revamped Nigerian Foreign Reserve.
  • Introduced the Federal Mass Assisted Bus Service.
  • Reactivated the Nigerian Railways.
  • Revived the Nigerian Ports Authority.
  • Established the Ministry for Solid Mineral Resources.
  • Put New Life to Agriculture.
  • Reactivated the Ajakuta Steel Rolling Mill.
  • Established the War College.
  • Founded the Sani Abacha Foundation.
  • Established the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited.
  • Pegged the Naira to a Dollar.
  • Politely refused to Receive the IMF and World Bank Loans.
  • Fully Backed the dredging of the River Niger.
  • Fully Supported and Financed Oil exploration in Bauchi.
  • Gave the National Population Commission total backing.
  • Established the Aluminium Smelting Company.
  • Initially introduced the new Salary Structure.
  • Building of the Federal Housing Units Nationwide
  • Reduced the external Debt.
  • Detribalized Nigeria’s Political System.
  • Established the Export Processing Zone.
  • National Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Introduced Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • National Reconciliation Committee.
  • Proscribed the Labour Unions to Save Nigeria From Total Disintegration.
  • Sanitized and Developed Lagos State through the Appointment of Co. I Buba Marwa.
  • Transition Implementation Committee.
  • Liberated the Bakassi Peninsula
  • Fought unnecessary foreign intervention in our Internal Affairs
  • Fought foreign dependency syndrome
  • Created Six New States and 183 local Government Councils
  • Reactivated, Sustained and Financed the Completion of Abuja Phase 11
  • Committee on Devolution of Power.
  • National Economic Intelligence Committee.
  • Vision 201O.
  • Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and many more Socio-economic and Political achievements which only History will tell and reserve for the country’s Future generation.

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