Retrospection To Kwara PDP Fall in 2015: Once Beaten Twice Shy – Ibraheem Lateef K.

      Once upon a land called Kwaro, there was redundancy and underdevelopment as a result of mismanagement, corruption and flagrant disregards for the rule of law by the ruling dynasty. The leader was so powerful and feared far and near so much no one ever stood in his ways without having a bad taste in his mouth. He had a great grip on the leadership of the land with little or no form of opposition for a little long more. 
       However, the maladministration of the dynasty reached an all time high when hunger pervading the land turned to angst, hushes grew to hues and birthed wailing and wailing spewed a big loud voice of hate made louder by the few determined men and women perceived  active in the fight against liberation of the state.

      In order to play with the tide and game the system, Jẹngbo-Jẹnju, the leader of the dynasty in Kwaro left his long time party to join the then rising sun APC, to con the people by hiding under the shine and sceptre the new party accords. But as the leopard never changes his spot so does he, the Leader of the cabals raping the land to point of death. 

    Swiftly, men of timbre and calibre thronged out to be the face of the cause to stop the elongation of the societal onslaught bedeviling the land should the dynasty wins this time. As it is with politics, an intra party voting would take place to select the “popular ” candidate to represent the cause. 

   Earnestly began the race, the race for supremacy and superiority among the aspirants to be the anointed lamb. The calm and serene atmosphere was just a facade, perfectly masking the power plays, side kicks and permutations going underground. And of course, lots of money changed hands. Sadly, that lots changed the big cause story to a would -have- been- victorious regrets in the mind of the people instead of an almost certain victory for the liberation team. 

      Money was said to have changed destiny. The money bags had the delegates’ thumbs. The hitherto beloved party became a reject when, people saw its poster boy not to look an end to their worries and woes. Instead of victory, money brought home defeat because that singular mistake is believed to be the root of the defeat that signal continuation of the dynasty they resented. And that act alone, was the big fall in the fight for the land to rise. 

       Bring your mind home, brethren. The land of Kwaro was Kwara state 2015 when the historical gubernatorial election was only a date set but not yet reality. The people of Kwara state were already fed up of the obnoxious rule of the government. They cursed, wailed and bemoaned till they found a voice to reject and denounce the power fools ably fathered by the Chief himself. The level of determination and readiness was no fluke. The passion shown, sent tremors down the spines of the oppressors so much that they had to upped their game. 

       PDP, the most popular party in the state at the time had its fan base skyrocketed because the people of Kwara felt their interests of liberation aligned with theirs after the defect of the state tormentors to the All Progressive Congress. At the forefront of the rebellion of the status quo was Ilorin, the state capital, where the dynasty was fast becoming unpopular and rejected. 

      I remembered vividly an occasion where some youth in Ilorin sang songs of total rejection for the aferugbakuns. Some expletives were made in to street songs and one in that regard have remained indelible. ” Awa o s’ẹru mọ, ao le sin baba ki a tun ma sin ọmọ, awa o s’ẹru mọ! ” Such was the songs on the lips of the majority who had felt enslaved, cheated, fooled, brutalised, shortchanged and totally tortured with hunger and deprivations to a point of comatose, if not death, by the government. And that was before the PDP primaries! 

        However, the party that had pulled the hopes of the people to high heavens scored an own goal by its selection of Senator Simone Ajibola against the run of play. I know very well my assertion could be controversial, however, the validity is there for the truly discerning minds to grab. History is an all time balm to soothe an aggrieved mind. 

        The election of the “unknown” Senator Ajibola has it turned out to be, was a mistake, a big blunder on the part of PDP to the electorates. A pointer to that fact was how happy the APC was to that turn of events. They knew Ilorin was half won! Not for only being unpopular, his being a Christian to the parochial Ilorin Alfas and Imams was never going to augur well. Not only that, it was also rumoured it brew seed of discords within the party folds. And that today remained arguably the greatest reason for their defeat despite their best efforts. 

        So I write to remind Kwara PDP at this crucial point in time to revisit history for them to know where and how they fell and failed. I mean till today, they are still a very big presence, the most viable opposition party and a darling in the minds of the people of Kwara state. However, this was as it was before that Primaries, hence the right time to intimate them of the needs to study meticulously the mood of the electorates particularly, in Ilorin, before anointing their gubernatorial candidate. 

         I, like every other concerned Kwarans in the struggle for liberation, am bothered and worried sick with anxiety over the party’s primaries. Of course, I have not been blind to the daily swelling in rank of aspirants warming up to participate in the election under the party. It’s even more delightful to note that majority are vibrant, energetic, youthful and responsible men of repute. However, will money not be the basis for selecting candidate? Will the most competent be chosen this time? Will the most popular be the anointed? Will PDP, this time, get it right? 

        These are the questions begging for answers. And these rightly, will likely determine what the party will be in this state after the elections, whether they will be sweeping against all odds to defeat the incumbent or remain the champions of yesteryears. 

       The stories of how Sen. Simon Ajijola was chosen remains an open secret to the now politically wiser, calculative, and awakened people of Kwara.  The power play, the sabotage and the accompanying betrayal may live longer than envisaged in the history books of Kwara politics. And  that’s the foremost reason the party has to be on all toes to get it right this time if they are to realise their mission.

          Yours sincerely conducted a keep – your – thank – you personal survey before penning this opinion . I affirmed from peoples opinions, views and standings that the dynasty may finally crumble this time if the PDP field a popular and credible candidate. I saw raw passion birthing hot steam of determination to finally cast off the shackles of slavery, oppression, redundancy and underdevelopment plaguing the state in the eyes of those people but only, only if PDP won’t make a mistake in their choice of candidate like last time that turned out to be a big fall in the fight for the state to rise.

       Suggestively, I call on Kwara PDP to take a survey around the metropolis of Ilorin and Kwara at large to ascertain their aspirants fame and popularities so as to know the people’s choice. Also, their candidate must be one that commands admiration and respect. Someone people feel is one of their own. By so doing, not only will they have unrivalled popular support but they would see people willing to die for them, because they won’t see the cause as a fight for them but a survival fight for the state to truly live. 

       I wish the party hears but once bitten (beaten) they say, twice smart and experienced….

Ibraheem Abdullateef Writes from Ilorin

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