Prospects of Youths in Politics in Kwara Politics – By Alege Abdulherkym Taiwo

Been a lecture delivered to some set of youths with the Topic:  Prospects of Youths in Kwara Politics

By: Alege Abdulherkym Taiwo Liberty

All praises and adorations to the Almighty God, the giver of  bountiful blessings, who has planned our life’s as he wished.

I appreciate the priceless opportunity given me, to engage the wonderful Kwaran youths in discussion tonight.  I  call it a discussion because I am too young to lecture you.

It is  imperative to  define some of the key words in this chosen topic.

  • Youth: Even though the  term youth is widely  reviewed in literatures,  there is no rigid definition for  it. Some agreed to  be the age bracket between 15-24, 18-39, but  in this context  I will put my definition of youth at that age from 18-40. Hence, one can infer the youth is the period between the formative age and Maturity.
  • Kwara State: is a state situated in the North Central geopolitical zone, it was created in 1967 by General Yakubu Gowon it  was initially named West Central State, later  christened Kwaraa local name for  the River Niger.
  •  Politics: according to  Merriam Webster English Dictionary, is defined  as the activities that relate to influencing the  actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power in a government.

At the global level, there seems to be an understanding that youths are  significant dividends of the  global population, such that they need to be included in every decision making process. Youths  are also recognised as the key agents of  socioeconomic an and political  movers of the society.

According to the 2006 national Population Census results Kwara State population figures was put at 2,365,358 (Two million, Three hundred and Sixty Five thousand and Three Eighty five), youth constituted more than 1/3  I.e (888,828) of the voting age populations, meanwhile, their participation in the political discourses is very limited. This put into question the inclusion of young people in the political spheres.

Kwara youths have failed to identify and appreciate the power of  their number in chosen the people that will run the affairs of the state. 

However the youths we have today always ready to be used in political process i.e during campaign, voters registrations, political membership registrations, party agents and  also agent of destruction such as Ballots snatching and other electoral malpractices which include violence perpetration.
Kwara youths are sleeping assets rather than been politically productive.

We failed to realize our worth as the majority population, we allowed the minority (our fathers and mothers) to direct and design our life for us,

but our generation has grown up widely with different technological experience of world class, compare to our older generation.

The older generation have not failed to realize that they were dwarf, but they have already place us on their shoulders by giving us meaningful educations and exposure, this gave us advantage to see beyond them.

In the past Kwara youths were known  for their  creative skills and innovative ideas,  and I don’t I don’t really think we should allow ourselves to be ‘Science Students’ (Hard drugs Consumers) according to the popular hip-hop artist Olamide Badoo, or we should not allow some older generation to blind fold or pocket our sense of reasoning in contributing to the development of the state.

The youths should engage in  brain development activities, rather than becoming emergency millionaire in cash and not in value and wisdom.

As they say ‘Reader is a leader,  Leader is a reader’

I think and  convinced that we need to change the trend of our political landscape. A part from being prayer warriors and to be politically practical about it, INEC won’t count prayer points but votes.

The following are the supposed way forward:

The youth must be a reader as  reading inform us of  yesterday,  today and to better our tomorrow.

The youth must  participate actively in politics. Plato said and I quote ” One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”


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