PMB @75: See Funny Letter Written To Him By Nigerian Lady on Facebook

As the president of African most populous nation, Nigeria clocks 75 years today, one of his citizens, a female Facebook user with name Raliat Ibrahim as took to her account to congratulate the president on his birthday and wishes him to retire peacefully by 2019. See letter below…
Dear Mr. President,

Happy 75th birthday to you sir. I wish you long life and good health. May your retirement years, hopefully starting from 2019, be filled with love and rest of mind sir (since seeking re-election will make you 77 in 2019 and 81 by 2023- time to relax no doubt).

May Nigeria witness better days before the end of your tenure and may you have stronger will to sack your ineffective appointees and those cronies who are busy doing what you may not approve of.

Best wishes as I hope Nigerians will speak of your tenure with pride, even beyond 2019 sir.
Yours in the struggle, 

Raliat Ibrahim.

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