Opinion: Walking With The Rebirth Captain -By Abdulrasheed Akogun

I must commend Barr. Titilope Anifowoshe for finding Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha (LOM) worthy of her open letter, it shows he’s doing something right especially knowing she hasn’t taking the pain to put pen to paper about other numerous aspirants whose names have been flying around in recent times.

Going to some of the issues raised

(1) She raised issues about the real motive behind the establishment of SOBI FM. As someone that was actively involved in the SOBI FM project from gestation, I can assure you, it was purely established to birth a pro-masses broadcasting outfit whose major backbone will be the street and not the establishment, that’s why you’ll agree with me SOBI FM is unarguably the most sort after radio station in the State today. SOBI FM was set up to champion social Rebirth and it hasn’t faltered for a seconds.

While it’s not criminal to promote himself or interest with his radio station, provided it’s not done in contravention of NBC guidelines and codes. It must however be established that SOBI FM is available for all and sundry regardless of the assumed interest of its proprietor.

SOBI FM host pro-establishment and anti-establishment radio programs (APC & PDP) on a daily basis, its news reportage protects diverse interest among others, I can say without fear of contradiction that SOBI FM is the most objective and accessible broadcast station in the State. Infact, Lukman Mustapha’s voice have never been aired on the Station not even for nanoseconds, while that of prominent establishment personalities have been aired severally, with even Gov. Abdulfatah Ahmed finding the station worthy to his interactive parley ‘Governor explains’ among numerous prominent players who weekly appear on the station even when it’s a glaring fact the proprietor is of the opposition’s Peoples Democratic Party, he has given the station a free hand to operate. 

You’ll want to agree with me that’s the hallmark of a leader, who never allows his personal conviction or bias interfere in his dealings.

(2) On the issue of the Ramadan rice carrying his photographs, I must admit I’m a vociferous antagonist of stomach infrastructure especially the demeaning and dehumanising mode of stomach infrastructure we’ve adopted as our culture in this part of the world.

However, alms giving is a vital part of both prominent religions (Christianity and Islam), moreso knowing the importance of giving during the period of Ramadan, I see nothing bad in the largesse, especially when records has it he has been doing this for the past 15 years. The only thing that changed is politics, and it’s understandable, with the knowledge that he’s now a highly exposed political figure and the need to append a signature especially by well-wishers on gifts is a tradition in politics in the Nigerian mode. I would have led the critics in knocking him if I had seen pictures of beneficiaries flying around the social media (that’s the dehumanisation we’ve all stood a d will continue to stand against)

(3) On the social media crusaders, I can assure you, majority of those talking about him on social media are admirers and not contracted to so do. The reason for that isn’t far-fetched, the necleus and target of the Rebirth  mission are the youth and that’s why the prominent mode of interaction is the social media, that’s not however to say all available means aren’t being explored to the fullest, the LOM agenda is more than an aspiration it’s a movement.

In all modesty, Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha is the biggest singular thing to happen to Kwara Politics in 2018, his coming was like a collossus, it is safe to call him the game changer, it’s rather commendable realising the youths are the brainbox of the whole thing.

I can assure you he’s always ready and willing to learn, he’ll always listen to superior arguments as he has never pretended to be an island, but what can’t be taken away from him is he’s coming into the race with intimidating credentials laced with verifiable records of success.

(3) On the issue of ‘hatred’ for Saraki, I wouldn’t know where that is coming from, but as a Muslim, hatred should under no circumstances appear in our lexicon, why do you have to hate a fellow being ? we can always disagree on issues, principle and what have you, but it shouldn’t rob us of our humanity, ideological differences doesn’t depict enmity. Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha never discusses personality no matter the circumstances, he has remained focused on the task of championing a Kwara we all can be proud of to win up and identify with.

(4) Finally, on the issue of coming up with a clear-cut agenda on how Kwara’s narratives will change under him, I can only plead you tarry awhile, as you’ll be amassed with the level of human resources put in place putting finishing touches to a blueprint that’ll encapsulate and peg with timeline of deliverables the path the State will take under his stewardship with verifiable Key Performance Index (KPI).

I’ll want to end this with a verbatim quote from Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha himself “I’m not in this race because I want to build mansions, ride the best of cars, travel across the globe, I’m already blessed with all I need to live a modest life. If majority of our people continue to live in avoidable abject poverty, dilapidated and overstretched infrastructures, inaccessible primary health centres and skewed economic opportunities, then I’ll never be fulfilled”

Abdulrasheed Akogun is my name, I  believe Kwara Rebirth is possible, I believe LOM is the captain to follow, join me in walking with him.

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