A couple of days ago at about 12 pm, I was in the office busy with some assigned tasks on my table. Down the line I was very hungry and my stamina reduced to the lowest bar as result I got distracted with what I was doing because the thought of what I should eat overtook my concentration on the work. I began to salivate as I had settled to cook yam and egg sauce after all it would not take me more than a-15 minute to prepare it.  I quickly rushed back home, I was at the veranda of my house busy unclothing the unwanted layer of the yam, a brownish she-goat sneaked up behind me, I was able to sway her so that I would just give the unwanted part of the yam to this goat. She was with me while eating the unwanted part of the yam from my hand, my cell phone rang from the room. Without hesitation, I quickly dashed in to receive my call. Oh! The caller was my principal, definitely our talks were not going to be as short as a sonnet. My augur was not a reversal; our conversation lasted for 23 minutes. Surprisingly, the lionised she-goat had eaten me out of house and home before I resumed back to the spot where I kept the yam. The scene is like a rabbit caught in the headlights: (let me pause and reflect).

What a self-regarding goat!

This goatship attitude has become the order of the day among our political Trojan’s horses who breach our collective trust by siphoning our treasury meant for the betterment of Nigeria. My predicament with this goat makes me to conclude that any political leader who ranks himself over and above those who entrust him with power to manage their affairs is a goat in human flesh. In every general election, the innocent Nigerians come out en masse to dole out their legal mandates to politicians in anticipation that the elected persons will be able to knock out country into shape, all they are able to give them after a gamut of democratic successions is a perditous country which now makes our hope of having the halcyon country to be sank like a stone. They are guilty in the mind of people, conversely, the impartial lady justice finds them not guilty. Hunmm! It is either the sword in the hand of lady justice is too weak to bring the political parasites into book or there is a foul play in the system or combination of both.

Fascinatingly, goat-alike politicians are of a sneaky and calculating clique, having known the religiosity of Nigerian political history, they are ironically well-aware that Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammed were both born, raised up and exclusively sent to Nigeria. They twist the arms of our religious leaders to give warped interpretation to the Words of God. These acclaimed men of God preach intolerance, hate speech and making our dear country unrest for us to live through their religious bigotries. Alas! Goat-alike politicians now transform the supposed men of God to conduits of their political game. I dare say every religious leader in Nigeria to preach and act according to our respective religious dictates without any atom of intention to subdue or downcast each other but scores of them are dearth with gut to take the charge of my challenge but they in lieu turn themselves to politically motivated dramatic script players.

What a hypocrite, the wind has blown and we have seen the ass of the fowl. You will see political swashbucklers in church on Sundays and in mosque on Friday in the guise of religious tolerance and they even behind the closed door go to traditionalists not only to seek political support but also be baptised. These people organise cakes and ale in celebration of their mischievous cleverness. Clannishness and ethnic crisis are being eating up our national unity, peace and tranquillity as termites eat up the iroko tree.

The straw that breaks the camel’s back is the unscrupulous burgeoning practice of money journalism in Nigeria. Money journalism has dragged the lucrativeness of the profession to opprobrium. A journalist is expected to follow the fact from the beginning to its end tail and give a blow by blow of the happening but the reverse is the case. What the AXY newspaper reports will be incongruous with what the DFF newspaper reports. They are engaged to play with our intelligence by reporting news that are susceptible to be facile mendacity. What a pity! They are indeed hoists with their own petard.

What an insult to our political grooming, it is as though the goat-like politicians lost their conscience when they talk, they are eating up their spit after same has already dried up in retrievable pages of papers and social media. They maligned their political wives after their divorce and moved their pyjamas to their political harlot. And when the climate is too hot with their halort, they re-divorced, and bleached and re-christened the name of their clique of divorcees and remarried their one-time divorced wife and come out with another loads of excuses that necessitate their re-marriage. Does the fresh milk from the mammary glands of this harlot not flourish as expected or the milk has become sour or tasteless? The answer to this query is the writing on the wall while their political dogs still don’t believe these their political wives and harlots are all one and the same regardless of their names or regalia.

Problems manually manifested by Nigerian politicians are so mammoth beyond enumeration that even put ones in domino effect of their ungodly governance. It is high time we walked the walk, no amount of avalanche of prayers can rescue us from a Pandora’s box of political issues in our dear country. The country is damaging and retarded day in day out. Don’t be moved with the political romansation either in cash or in kind, cease to be missionaries of misruled governance. Although, there are many of bad eggs among political class yet there are still good people among them whose copybooks have been blotted. So, we should x-tray the chequered records of every political aspirant and their  appointees without necessarily putting into consideration the party in which they belong. Because I am very optimistic that Nigeria is going to be great again.


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