Opinion: The Many Ignorance Of Dr. Ali Ahmad – By: Anifowoshe Titilope LegalEagle

Just yesterday I stumbled on an interview granted by the speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly where he accused President Muhammadu Buhari of “bungling” the anti-corruption war. To be certain that Dr Alli Ahmad’s choice of word “bungle” has the same meaning that I know, I had to consult the dictionary. Alas, it’s the same “to destroy,ruin” meaning that I know. So as not to fall victim of been judgmental; I read the article to the tail end. And of course, Dr Alli Ahmad’s hypocrisy coupled with his great spunk needs to be chided. If he chooses to speak blindly, some kwarans are not blind.With his words, he would be schooled below;

“The best person that Nigeria has ever had to fight corruption since independence is Buhari and he bungled it”- Ali Ahmad

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria is Africa’s second largest oil producer. Every State in Nigeria has not  less than 3 natural resources with some states having about 10 different natural resources yet different statistics have shown that an average Nigerian lives on less than three dollars a day; and every minute 9 people are entering extreme poverty in Nigeria. As Nigerians, we need not Albert Einstein genius analysis or Shakespeare’s beautiful words, neither do we need the most knowledgeable Google to point out the clog in our super potential wheel; It is Corruption! Corruption is our bane, it is our Herculean heels. It is our cancer, it is the big bully that has been clobbering us since independence. Our wrecked ship was about to sink when God sent President Muhammadu Buhari to rescue us. 

PMB stopped over N2trillion subsidy payments to the almighty cabals. He stopped the payment of over N30billion monthly salaries to 50,000 national ghost workers. He withdrew the license of rice, salt, sugar etc from one individual and spread the license to various interested group of people so as to stop the issue of monopoly. He ordered the enforcement of BVN in the banking industry which stopped the illicit fraud perpetrated by private and public officials. He ordered the enforcement of TSA where a single government parastatal operated over 43 accounts siphoning funds without remittance to the Federation Account. He stopped the importation of rice from Thailand which our leaders used to siphon billions of naira yearly. He clamped down on a huge number of alpha-corrupt judges in one night. He exposed Patience Jonathan N13b looted fund, N15b, N11b worth of hotel in Bayelsa, N2.5b laundered funds to her housemaids. Under his administration Ikoyi’s gate N13b NIA funds. He exposed N4.7b Ekiti election fraud given to Fayose by Obanikoro. He exposed the $2.1b insurgency funds shared among Femi Fani Kayode, Olisah metuh, Bafarawa, Nduka Obaigbena, Raymond Dokpesi and others. He enforced the law to retrieve the N11b loan granted to Ben Murray Bruce which he refused to pay for 10years. He Exposed Saraki and Ekweremadu’s undeclared assets/looted funds. He stopped Intel (Atiku’s Company) where trillions of Nigeria money was not remitted to the federation account over the years. This list is endless and I can go on and on and on. 

Excuse me, was Ali Ahmad referring to another Buhari ? or did he misconstrue the meaning of “bulging anti-corruption war”? Maybe he merely used the opportunity of a national newspaper interview to showcase his huffishness on the numerous corruption charges his boss is yet to scale through ? 

“You have only four years, how can you place your number priority one priority on a platform that is beyond your control, the judiciary ? You cannot fight corruption with the judiciary alone” – Ali Ahmad 

Thank you Dr Ali Ahmad for displaying a level sincerity here. At least he mentioned how much President Buhari needs not only the judiciary to fight the war against corruption. Quick question for Dr Ali; Asides the judiciary and the executive, what other arm of government was created by the Nigerian Constitution ? Who is the head of Nigeria’s legislative arm? Why has the executive bill that sought for the establishment of a special court clothed with exclusive jurisdiction to try corruption cases submitted to the National Assembly (headed by Ali Ahmad’s mentor) since 2016 yet to be passed in 2018? How many corruption charges is the leadership of Nigerian legislature facing today ? 

Today, Lagos state judiciary despite been the most populated judiciary has the most independent, most efficient, most transparent and most effective judicial system in the whole Nigeria! How did they do the magic? policies, legislative reforms! How many laws has Dr Ali Ahmad’s Kwara led legislature passed to ease the tons of load of the Kwara’s judiciary? How many corruption cases has been prosecuted in Kwara State ? Why should the judiciary be under the control of the President in first place? Maybe Dr Ali Ahmad has forgotten that PMB is not a Machiavellian. The Elelu Habeeb’s victimization is not PMB‘s style of leadership. Judges with corruption cases are tried according to the law and prosecuted accordingly!

“Whoever is preparing that list is taking Nigerians for a ride. If you tell them that it (the list) is one-sided..” – Dr Ali Ahmad

Yes, whoever prepared that list is taking Nigerians for granted! How come Bukola Saraki is not number one on the last ? How come Ekweremadu is not on the list too ? Why is President Muhammadu Buhari respecting the law so much that he is allowing Bukola Saraki to sabotage his government ?  Evan Enwerem, Chuba Okadigbo, Pius Anyim, Adolphus Wabara , Ken Nnamani. Five senate presidents served under one president! Yes, five! Do you think that President Muhammadu can’t find his way to kill ambitions just to fulfill his own ambition ?  

“I will score the APC or whoever that is at the Federal Government very low. I am in Kwara and if this thing happened and the person that is in control of security did not do anything until 72 hours later, it is an after-thought. I am disappointed. And if you ask me to go with whoever that is, I will think twice.” – Dr Ali Ahmad 

Haba! Does Dr Ali Ahmad know what shame means ? For the respect I have for dead souls I won’t dwell too much on this subject. Till this moment, different States have given account of the billions of naira they get for their security votes. Kwara State has no record of such accountability and the state has no formidable apparatus in place for the security of her citizens. Other states have created Security Trust funds to beef up their security and complement federal efforts to safe lives and property. What has Kwara State done? Nothing! absolutely nothing! 

In truth our speaker has been in the news for his numerous sponsorship of mega rallies in support of his sweet daddy at the senior hollow chamber and his house’ ban on the consumption of alcohol in the state. He probably got too overwhelmed with this new opportunity and never got the time to articulate his points, hence the error. 

Mr Speaker sir, you are noticed!

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