OPINION: Tell Lasisi The Lies… By: Ibrahim Abdullateef

     Ajumobi my son, I beseech you, tell Lasisi the lies of ….
Some fifteen years back by Jengbo-jenju and his father against a noble man that he abhorred the King. How even the wind became a carrier of the news of treason. How they  threw in the air malicious tale in deceit and peddled shameful lies against the people’s man that he would desecrate the royal stool and steal the mandate for his household. Make Lasisi aware he was made to betray his own brother by now. Maybe when he knows, he will retrace his steps and go for once the way befitting a man. 

    Tell, I beseech you Ajumobi, the story that unfolded after the tall, suave and urbane Yankee returnee became the owner of the highest stool. Tell Lasisi how promising he was before the truth which was only a cloud forming for the first four years became a rain pouring in torrents the naked facts against the lies and vain promises foretold. Sitting beautifully on newspaper pages and singing sonorously on radio sets were programmes and projects only few were ever seen. Like beautiful dreams they were, mirages were the end we saw instead of wonders and miracles. 

Maybe the vision weren’t conceived or were miscarried along the line. You should show Lasisi the ones birthed for him to know where the land was and how and why the state found herself here. Maybe Lasisi would know for real the story of how some people sold out the land for mudus of rice and Kongo of wheat. 

Maybe he would forgive them or not matters not but what’s paramount is whether he would wise up and rise to fight a harmless war of liberating the state today to secure his tomorrow from the old soldiers renowned only in a war to kill, maim and steal the citizens dreams, goals and treasury. 

   Ajumobi, you need to tell Lasisi, the truth in all I wrote here but do not garb the lies with the garment of truth. You should tell him all those things happened by circumstances he couldn’t avoid. It could be he was not yet a man. Better still, he could have become a man but with the ways of a boy. It could be when he was the wise who see the fools in others who voted for elections. But now he should be made aware he was one of the fools that ignorantly sold the land. 

   After he must have realised the buffoonery of yesterday and the uncertainty of today, Ajumobi, do the state another favour, tell Lasisi the importance of tomorrow. Tell him the ruse in collecting the mudus of rice and beans to vote. Such is the transaction he need to know sold this state to modern slavery. Tell him the emptiness in richness of pocket during elections. Such money feeds the belly for a month before hunger has field day for whole four years! 

  Tell Lasisi the ugliness in the beauty of the last minute. That such project are arrangements to price the heart. They only live the moment and evaporate like a drop of water on a windscreen. If the Jengbo-jenju suddenly remembers you and your area road that drank at will the blood of kins for the last four years, do not be swayed. Where were they two years before when Saliu, Ranti and Sanusi became a feast for flies before the mites, brutally bruised and battered by a passing car when pot holes swerved the car and they were hit on their way to school? Maybe when Lasisi remembers he will know such is the way of a dupe, he looks for a weak point to strike for credibility. 

Tell Lasisi when he graduates he may have no job unless he knows someone with the Jengbo-jenju which is out of order for him with a poor background. Better still, he could be gainfully employed if he become a tool for the dealers to achieve their aims. He gives his dignity and life and they may give him Okada, grater, sewing machine or a gun whichever way they found him useful. Tell him they do not want economic investors but hoteliers to erode the moral and social ethics, virtues and values of this state. 

  Tell Lasisi that tax and levies paid to government aren’t for free not for fun. He need to know why they pay tax and other levies and be made to reflect if such payments show in the living conditions of the people. Let him answer that himself. The payment of tax by the citizens without commensurate impacts is a legitimate robbery by any government. Such is never the ways of good leaders. Tell him why the Jengbo-jenjus should never be seen as the powerful but power fools back pedalling the land of their fathers their children would grow up to meet too! 

   Ajumobi you may then proceed to tell Lasisi the inglorious travails of your friends. Say Bro Waheed, Aunty Amope, Daddy Ayisat or better still Mr. Adigun. Say the mildest of the stories in order not to scare Lasisi. Either of the two sorry travails of Bro Adigun and Bro Tosin Waheed should strike his reasoning cord. Mr. Adigun is a grade sixteen Officer with the State Government who became an Okada rider when the only message he gets were from networks and not that of salary. He has two wives and children to cater for. He plies student campuses and make more insults and ridicules more than money. Aside the daily fight with non physical challengers with rain and sun, daily extorts from uniformed thieves are better not said. The only talks he brings are of lamentations and woes while some street louts and criminals glide around in exotic cars. Shouldn’t Allah be praised? Haaah! 

Oh Bro Waheed! He became divorced when his salary was not forthcoming. He was about doing one menial job or the other to hold the belly. One sad day, his only daughter was sent away from school and was raped on her way home. Like an educated man, he sought legal action against the evil men. But alas! They didn’t sleep a day in cell. They were some boys for a political bigwig! What shall a poor man do when the rich sings than hum in silence? When the powerful speaks the weak only listen. Rob of entitlement, rid of dignity. Isn’t that what the Jengbo -jenju have been doing to Kwarans in Kwara? 

   You may also ask Lasisi what he thinks of Gboyega’s school to his before you tell him the state of education in the state when you were young if he won’t notice that in your intelligence and brilliance. He may need to be told private schools were as scanty as the grasses on top of a rock. Maybe then he would know how failed the Jengbo-jenju are regarding education in Kwara state. 

    Ajumobi, drum it to Lasisi’s hearin, the stupidity in fighting and arguing with people of the present government. Let him not be a vessel that makes the loudest empty noise. Such is not the ways of a wise man. Just tell him to get his PVC before it’s late. That’s the strongest sword he need to be an army in the fight to liberate Kwara State. You may then tell him to look critically at the candidates properly to be able to differentiate the wheat from the chaffs. 

    The Ajumobi is everyone who stand for truth. He/she is a being who prides the betterment of the society above individual wellness. The Ajumobi is every indigene and resident who wants the growth and development of Kwara State. It’s you, yes you, who’s knowledgeable, exposed  and upright who should tell the Lasisi (unsuspecting young, illiterates and ignorant old ones and some greedy people) the danger and disadvantages of selling votes or voting for sentiments because of claptrap gifts during campaign and elections. It’s our responsibilities to coach people electorally to savage the state from slavery, oppression and redundancy.

 I will. You should. We can.

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