Opinion: SARAKI vs MM SAGA: A Serial Deception of Saraki Politics -By: Abubakar ibn Abdulfatah

I’ve seen lately, series of media play between the followers of Sen. Bukola Saraki and Hon. Mashood Mustapha with the claim that the duo aren’t in good time, hence opted for mudslinging. With their ungodly colourations and unacceptable name callings, one would want to believe there’s truly a rift between the two personalities. 

Abinito, I asked myself what led to such sudden media panorama from the followers or lovers of both political figure, albeit, it is truism that there exist not, a permanent friend or foe in politics, only interest does. In that regard, it is therefore imperative to critically examine the scene before drawing a conclusion to avoid being a victim of deception.

Barely last month, rumors had it that Hon MM was suspended from his party (APC) for alleged involvement in anti-party activities – such tradition he imbibed from his boss (Saraki); who disobeyed the leadership of his party for his personal ambition, through connivance with opposition parties. If a boss can go that extreme, we shouldn’t be surprise that his follower follow suits. If Saraki could do such unstoppably then Hon MM deserve same treatment.

Before now, it was observed that Hon MM is reaching out to the opposition party in the state (particularly PDP) over his ambition to contest for the Governorship race which seems to led to his suspension controversies. From indices, his brother Alhaji Lukman Mustapha seems to be the majority carrier amongst the top contestants of the PDP. After Hon MM series of strategies to curb his brother ambition which were all futile,  Isn’t it safe to say he decided to let his boss (Saraki) handle the insurmountable case himself? 

The whim of Hon MM speaks volume of why he decided to hijack the APC party structure in the State knowing fully well his boss (Saraki) is also about to do same in the opposition party; making it a usual “divide and rule” tactics? Or what can we say about Alhaji Kawu Baraje ultimatum letter to the President and Hon MM purported party congress in Ilorin West – a message with many meanings.

The followers of the duo of Sen Saraki and Hon MM has toyed with the entire Kwarans’ intelligence and magnanimity with their staged media panorama to keep us all busy with the belief that there’s indeed a rift between Sen Saraki and Hon MM when there’s none actually. This was confirmed by Coordinator of Mashood Mustapha campaign team, Alh. Raheem Adedoyin who they both served as Commissioners under Governor Bukola Saraki, in a birthday message. 

Alh Raheem Adedoyin said “Is MM and Leader at war? Big question. No! No one knows ABS like MM and no one knows MM like ABS. MM doesn’t work in SP office anymore but that’s so that he would have full-time for his business and full-time to concentrate on his political project. He is SP’s longest serving senior aide, he served the leader with absolute loyalty. No cause for war. To the leader’s credit, he hasn’t given into the design of the hawks and sycophants who are hunting for enemies for him and seemingly want to ignite a civil war. Oloye (Allah grant him Aljanah firdaous, Amin) resisted that evil machination, ABS too should avert it”.

How can one pseudo person claim there’s rift in order to thwart our people’s attention and sympathy? This ephemera mustn’t work come 2019.

Incredulously, I asked myself if truly someone like Hon. MM can be sanctimonious to the dynasty that built him, who until his recent resignation is the SSA to the Senate President. How can a boy just resign from his master authority today and tomorrow declared himself to be his master’s enemy if not  stage play? We all know how tactical and strategical the Senate President is when dealing with issues of such nature, hence there’s obviously no iota of truth with the claim that the difference is real.

Meanwhile, It is clearly evident that the Senate President who regard himself as the political leader of the state is yet to have a solid and confirm candidate to battle the Gubernatorial seat in 2019. His decision to play his serial deception tactics is well known to all Kwarans and will be collectively rejected in no time. The moribund dynasty will go on exile in 2019 and another fresh breeds shall take it up with the interest of common Kwarans. The deception is dead on its arrival. Kwarans shall “change” the “change”.

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