Opinion: Saraki Shameless Visit To Kwara NYSC Camp – Charles Ofemi

I have seen several social media platform posting the Pictures of Bukola Saraki visit to Kwara NYSC Camp where a Corp Member Miss Hilda Amadi, a graduate of Oil and Gas Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State died as a result of poor medical attention, I was shocked that Saraki could allow media to cover such shameless visit. 

If you have ever been to the NYSC Camp Yikpata in Kwara State, you will agree with me that it’s shameless to celebrate or even publish the visit of Saraki to the NYSC camp that he couldn’t put in good shape as a former Governor of Kwara State for two term of 8 years.

Kwara NYSC

 camp is one of the poorest in the country despite the State was one of the pilot State for the NYSC Programme since inception, Saraki was Governor for 8 years and installed his Godson Abdulfatai as Governor after him in the last 7years, but both of them left the camp in the poor situation it is till today. No good hostels, No road, No water, no eletricity from a good source, No adequate Toilet facilities and so on.

Ask any Corp Member who passed through the Kwara camp, they will narrate their terrible experience to you. You can even see Dr. Saraki standing in front of the poor Camp Clinic building in the picture, in a State where a medical Doctor was a Governor and now Senate President. I’m sure he can never allow any of his children to stay there for 5 minutes. 

Bukola Saraki had opportunity to best education in the world (Kwara resources might have suffered it) yet Education Infrastructure in Kwara State is one of the poorest in the country  (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education Infrastructure)

Saraki was Governor when Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola built a befitting NYSC camp in Ede, when Sen. Abdullahi Adamu built the Nasarawa Camp and many others States like that, yet He is not ashamed of himself.

For those Kwara Youth celebrating his visit to the Camp, I can only pray for you to know the source of your calamity, so you can begin a process of solving it. Many of you have no good infrastructure in your village yet you sing praises and celebrate a Saraki that built multi billion naira houses home and abroad from the resources he got from the business he inherited from his Father. 

Though I have decided to speak less and take more action on the Liberation of Kwara but the need for constant education of some folks and reorientation of the brainwashed people will not allow me to keep quiet on issues of this nature. 

Until the majority of us realised the need to choose leaders that would be loyal to Kwarans  and not Saraki, we will continue to dwell in this situation. The time has come, the time is now. 

Receive Sense, Bless you. 

RIP Miss Hilda Amadi

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