Opinion: Nigeria Politics: A far cry from sane reflection of politics – By: Sanni Mudashir Fetere

In Nigeria, just like some other countries in Africa, the art of government is, no doubt, to say the least, bastardized. Despite that politics is driven by skills, which is what should distinguish politicians from ordinary people in a sane society, but these skills are, primarily, supposed to be motivated by a common goal: to make the society better in terms of growth developments. 

The key areas where growth and developments ought to be evident as expected to be championed by politicians are: Education, Health, Security, Infrastructures and Economy. Unfortunately, our Leaders in Nigeria have failed in all, they only focus on earning more power.

Democracy, in its lowest simplicity, preaches a government of and, for the totality of all citizens of a country, led by a group of people in such country. Indeed, Democracy is sweet, for it supposed to be the best system of prompt and adequate attention to the worries of the people.

When Nigeria switched her system of government from Military to Democracy, euphoria was in the air, making rounds everywhere. Unfortunately, the initial joy has been subdued by these politicians, as they now capitalize on the trust by the citizenry, which is to make a better future for all.

The public office holders, especially the politicians, have corrupted the usual discipline, ethics and values that come with governance and administrative management. I have come to realize that when they proclaim the interests of Nigerians, they only refer to their immediate households and not the larger populace. Meanwhile, they sworn to obey Nigeria’s call; to serve our father land, which is farther and broader than their respective houses. 

In politics, they only earn sing-praisings and accolades for tricking the common people – cleverly designing their single-minded  activities – to loot our resources and remain forever in the seats of power. How heartbreaking it is when I see these deceitful plans and dramas gaining ground, especially being embraced by the “vulnerable” citizens. If only we understand that what they do is playing a game of Chess with lives of the commoners before it completely wreck our lives and economy.

Our system of government can only be driven by two factors (Education and Moral values) if we must have a country working for her compatriots. How sadly! These pests called leaders have, out of their lost moral, damaged our institutions and the products we get are given little or no regard – they transform our supposed literacy to “ill-literacy”. No wonder, they want us to switch to handiworks, while their children go study in other countries and come back to yet again, embark on the legacies of their fathers. The qualities of our education are seen but limited to papers in examination halls and in some cheap publications. Only a few people manage to sail through such unkind system.

The teachers and lecturers are not left out in this big mess, in fact, they are also key players. They convey weakened version of education to the pupils. In many of our institutions, some lecturers are still using some lesson materials for years, equipping students just for exams. What we get is “ill-literacy”. We need to transform our theoretical knowledge to become practicable. We need to support the genius among our students and render them useful to the society – rather than envying their gifts and making them go through some inordinate rigour. We need to raise well-equipped pupils to make our literacy a “heal-literacy”

The religion leaders are also involved. Their preachings in mosques and churches are divisive, unbecoming and threats to our unity. They have hidden selfish interests behind such. We need not to make them turn us to tools and sacrificial lambs for their inhumane mission. We must all focus on the qualities that we share together as one nation and focus less on our differences. If Nigeria breaks, it would grossly affect the commoners. We need to tolerate one another. Our rights to practice our respective religion must be respected. We must unlearn divisive words of devil and learn the true unifying words of God.

Our society must be salvaged; all hands must be on deck to address the immoralities perpetrated by the young ones. From home, we need to raise our kids to be useful to the society. Nigeria ache for sane and well-behaved youths. Our country need compassionate and serious-minded youths, not those who only clamour for pleasure. If we claim we are not too young to run, then we must also make it evident that we are ready to run!

Mallam Sanni Mudashir Fetere writes from Ilorin.

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