Opinion: Matter Arising Aftermath of Ekiti 2018 – By John Falodun

 I think we still need to deliberate on money giving and taking before and during election. If you genuinely want to serve your people, why investing heavily in awareness and putting heavy and evil parameters in place to ensure victory?

If truly you want to test your political popularity and know how much you are loved;  it is expecteded of you to accept and put in place parameters that will permit an equal level playing ground in any contest.

For how long are we going to continue transacting our votes during election periods in this country?
While engaging one of the women that collected money from one of the political parties representative that distributed money to the electorates in exchange for vote in the just concluded election in my State, she said, she’s been in need of a gas cylinder and she bought one almost with the half of the money given to her on Friday. Imagine that! What a pity!

I find it difficult to blame people that collect money from politicians ecause poverty has been inflicted on many and it has permeated all facets of our society just because of the dealers we call leaders who do everything to elongate their reign in the seat of power. However, I find it hard to praise them as well for selling their vote. I’m in a dilemma on this and it’s very worrisome.

Imagine you starving an hen just for three days. Try and bring the hen out and drop a seed of maize and see how it will rush for it. Our Politicians treat us using the same Josef Stallin’s theory. Can we blame the hen for rushing a seed of maize? Can we also say the hen suppose to be angry and ought to have died because the owner chose to starve it? These are the types of questions going on in my head since Saturday.

Our politicians are deliberately impoverishing us so as to control us forever and attach our survival to them. They have studied the gimmicks and know when to strike. Sadly, it’s suffering and smiling for us. A lot is still wrong somewhere and needed quick attentions.

Even though the masses was provided with two options that was so glaring for them to choose from that day. The options are Freedom and Slavery, but so unfortunate that they still went ahead to choose Slavery just because they couldn’t control their stomach in just one day.

How much of the Money received on Saturday still remain with them today? Check yourself and get ready for the challenge upfront. Having done the will of those whom you sold your vote which is your destiny to, remember not to complain anymore. Endure and manage with whatever that comes. You sold out for a token, and for the next four years, we shall be into this together.

To the Revolutions Soldiers, I congratulate and Celebrate You. Gear up, we are all  winner; we are not losers. We have distinguished ourselves amongst other youth. We  started the struggle without a single Naira and got to the polls without any godfather. What more do we need than to Celebrate ourselves?  Sise sii ku!! We ain’t relenting.. Lets forge ahead and bring the House together.. The real struggles for Liberation Continues!! We are *ProTosinAjibare* We have our Names written in Gold..

We are now a Force to be reckoned with as far as Nigeria is Concerned.. Let’s all keep the phases going, we are Victorious. 

I’m Distinguished John Ayokunle Funso Falodun(Hon Jaff Jafforie) I remain my Humble self.. Anti Virus to the existing Polithievians and Looters, Youth Advocate, Social Reformer, Humanitarian, Gallant revolutionist soldier and a Champion of New Nigeria.

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