Opinion: Lukman Mustapha Is More Than Ready To Captain Kwara – Com. Ibraheem Sheriff Gold

Dear Barr. Titilope Anifowoshe (Legal Eagle) 

Well, I appreciate @⁨LegalEagle⁩ for baring her mind about her perception of Mal. Lukman Mustapha’s gubernatorial ambition, she has raised some cogent points which I’ll like to set records straight about some of the points raised in her short article.

First, I’ll like to inform Barr. Titilope that Sobi FM has been on the pipeline for some years, in fact, the broadcasting license of the station was signed by the former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. That’s a pointer to the fact that Sobi FM wasn’t about 2019, as the struggle for instituting the radio station had began  years before LOM even showed interest in contesting, which I believe is no crime. I wonder what could lead to disappointment in a gubernatorial contender setting up a radio station in his state, where he is willing to lead. What will be your opinion if he established the radio station in another state and now shows interest in contesting?

Starting from our past and present Governors, Senators, Representatives, House of Assembly members among others, despite the access they have to public funds, they’ve continuously faced us with the problem of capital flight, they invest our common patrimony elsewhere other than Kwara and the few who established businesses in Kwara only had intangible businesses with little or no professional advantage  that can add value to our people in real term, such as filling stations, laundry, pure water factory and all sorts. Where dropouts are used as cheap labor. Should the fact that LOM’s Radio station just started operating deprive him the chance of pursuing his ambition? 

It is not out of place for Mal. Lukman Mustapha to propagate his poltical ambition using his own radio station, however, I’ll love Barr. Titilope to point out a single political program on Sobi FM dedicated to promoting the person of LOM. If that is unfound,  then your claim that Sobi FM was established to brand LOM politically is a figment of your imaginations. 

Regarding social media bickering, I think it’s no harm promoting one’s aspirant on social media,  everyone does that, however, in different ways. As much as I know, our new media team has been as civil as you can imagine and always ready to engage in constructive arguments, except in some occasions when they feel insulted and react, which is human. I therefore feel it is prejudicial to accuse the team of social media ‘bickering’. That’s not fair, unless you can prove this with evidences beyond doubt. 

As a prominent member of GRS team, I know of the GRS friends on facebook that you are actively involved in and I’m aware of the well publicized virtual interaction GRS had with her facebook fans as a strategy to reach out to people, but that’s not to conclude that GRS is making that the hallmark of her political strategy. It should be clear here that understanding the significance of new media, it is a micro aspect of our team activities.

To set the record straight, LOM isn’t among the richest set of people in Kwara state, he’s not as wealthy as you may think, he’s just a willing and compassionate Kwaran who cares and always ready to sacrifice his resources in serving the people and giving back to the society, a virtue he inherited from his late mother. He has a good track record of this, just like Barr. Titilope too is building up. So,  the erroneous belief that LOM’s ambition is about financial muscle should be let off, if 2019 contest is about money, then we won’t be as optimistic as we’ve been about LOM’s ambition. We believe it’s about us all, the people and that’s why we will continue to engage ourselves. 

As much as LOM’s leadership ideology is divergent from that of Sarakites, there was never a time he has shown hatred, passively or actively against the Sarakis. He has always made his opinion about governance issues based and not about personalities. Or does ideological divergence implies hatred? 

Finally,  about the branded bags of rice packaged as Ramadan gifts. It should be explicitly stated that it’s usual practice for LOM to dole out Ramadan packages annually, this year’s however is different as he was supported by friends and well wishers, understanding his political ambition now face him with a larger number of people he will have to reach with Ramadan items,  hence, the intervention from friends and well wishers who actually branded the items as a surprise for him. For example, about a month ago, a friend of LOM from Abuja sponsored the erection of bill boards in strategic locations across the state without his consent. Wouid he have rejected a gesture that came as surprise to him and for which he’s not even the direct beneficiary?

Just few months ago, I’m aware a man had GRS art work on his hair cut, if that was welcomed with criticism,  would you blame GRS for that? Did GRS instruct him to make her image on his head?  No, but he did it out of admiration and love of GRS and that shouldn’t be a basis for concluding GRS fancy sychophancy for appreciating the guy’s gesture. I hope you can relate my points. 

Thanks for your believe in a better Kwara and best regards. 

Comr. Ibrahim Sheriff  (Gold)

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