Opinion: Lukman Mustapha, a Father To Many – By: Shafihi Abdulrasheed Alage

 Family is said to be the basic unit of society; family matters need to be more intimate than the vein that exist in human neck. The roles that each member of the family plays is crucial for the family to prosper and contribute to the integration of society. 

However, the role of a father in a family is carping, given that the duties and obligations of a father at home is far beyond the need of provisions, but giantly develop emotional, physiological and physical stand of a child. 

 Father are said to set foundations of a home. Promotion of culture, beliefs and enforcement of rules to better the life of a child and the image of society are what installed in father. It should maintain total cleanliness to abort possible ills break out.

Healthy families are characterized by parents who saddled and engaged themselves in providing for the emotional and financial need of kids.

  It’s a non comical event to see a family heading astray, undeveloped and youngish in society where progress and development should be the subject talk of the town. All fingers are jot equal; agreed to certain extent. This has made the picture of elites and average human being in any society.

 Now I am on a better point and avid of  telling you about `a father to many ‘ whose type of uniqueness and commitment to safe and suit society is hardly find.

 LOM! As some loved to call it, but I tell you it’s LUKMAN OLAYIWOLA MUSTAPHA who in another world of revitalizing the dreams of an Harmonious State calls “Rebirth Captain”.

For so long he has being tickled acting as a father to many. The average members of the society that need shoulder in accomplish desires and contribute immensely to the development of society. 

LOM a father to some physically removed fathers, he nurtures healthy relationship to a very high standard children. 

 I must tell, for you tell another one that his kindness and love helps in decreasing behavioural problems, likely drop out of school, hygienic water in some community in Kwara, free health care among others which have found their way printable and broadcastable. 

       It is now imperative to stand up today, support and reward LUKMAN OLAYIWOLA MUSTAPHA on the path to REBIRTH KWARA 2019. Its a course to honeyed the mouth of all.

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