Opinion: LOOK THIS LUKMAN –  Shafihi Abdulrasheed Alage

Turn to you with an amazing, astonishing and stunning eyes when you’ve been walking down a long mile to Sokoto searching achingly for what you had in your sokoto. Hello, you’ve it here.
Turn to you this LUKMAN with hope, while you’re wondering when the lasting tranquility seeds and easiness would be made to sprout. These are perfect ways our life could be, for we can come out and live .

Look this LUKMAN, known to him is how far you need to go in development sphere, comfort you need to be, he’s really agita and solicitude about what Kwarans had been through.

Look this industrious and assiduous LUKMAN, sightings of him in various community development project is a keep flowing acknowledgment and responsibility he saddled self longer years.

Again, look this LUKMAN not with strange eyebrow, but a chummy one like the house you live and the four walls you sleep. He’s has never far home, never has he claimed another city than the Ancient City of Sheikhs and Islamic knowledge ILORIN.

This LUKMAN, I suppose there’s no reason on earth why he’d enormously care to bring a REBIRTH, but it saddens the heart when yours faithfully are living in an unprojected, depressed and regressed manners, which does not only an odium and ignominy to them all, but also you bearing and sharing same identity.

Have you seen this LUKMAN?
Parts of what you can do for him are; pray, support, embrace and help vote him as our Governor come 2019 for the state is in dire need of REBIRTH.

Shafihi Abdulrasheed Alage writes…

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