OPINION: Let A Captain Steers The ShipBy: Ibrahim Abdulateef (Egghead)

When a fetcher fails to draw water it’s either the rope is short or the fetcher is damaged. You either join to the rope to make it longer or repair/ get a new fetcher to scoop water for yourself. When a car runs out of fuel, there’s no song to sing to the engine than to refill the tank. But when the tide revolts against a ship and movement become a scourge, it has become a fight between life and death, you don’t get many choice to live, let the Captain steer the ship. 

With the situation of things in Kwara State, the state is like a sinking ship that needs timely intervention of an experienced captain to save the people. 

In this age, Kwarans still have no pipe borne water for consumption. So sadden and seemingly incredible that we are still relying on boreholes and rain as sources of drinkable/potable water. The roads across the State connect people to the world beyond more than to their worldly destinations. Unarguably, the roads are best described as beds of death. 

The State workers are poorer than the church mice. Salaries come fully twice in a year. You may get paid today but the next three months is a time for enforced fasting. This is a State where workers get promotion not when they are due for it but when those who are at the helm deem fit and whenever it happens, it is usually without cash backing.

Welcome to the State where youth get empowered with guns and cars for electoral violence instead of employment with gainful legit jobs . Kwara of yesterday is a haven of resourceful and productive activities but out of  shallowness of the present wielders of the State political power, the State is fast becoming a hub of youthful delinquencies. 

Education sector in the State is in comatose. Aside lack of teaching aids and basic education infrastructures that are in tune with contemporary demands, the teachers/lecturers cry daily in pains and agonies at the inhumane treatment melting on them by the present government via poor working conditions.  They decry the mortgage of the students academic and moral growth. Remember the strength of a society lies in educated youth. The teachers /lecturers stay more at home than in classes when they don’t get paid. How do we expect them to teach on empty stomach and unstable state of mind? Maybe… Just maybe, the dynasty does not want the people educated so that its existence will remain unchallenged. They must know education is a potent form of power. So educating the people may be seen as danger to the hegemony. 

Kwara peace and security is eroded too. Criminality and vices now have field day. Look around you, are you not saddened by the immorality in Kwara youth? Compare it to Kwara of old! Ilorin, the ancestral home of Shaykhs and Ulamas is fast becoming a breeding ground for louts and miscreants. It’s not rocket science, unengaged youth become busy with crime and vices – idle mind is devil’s workshop. 

Going by the above mentioned anomalies and more bedevilling the state, is Kwara not like a sinking ship that needs a captain to steer it to safety? 

When the stomach rumbles in protest for food, the succor is in good food. When the throat prowl in thirst, drinkable water is the answer to it. When a state backpedals and retrogresses, do not look far, check the leader(s) of such a state. 

Kwara is presently in dire need of vibrant leader. To clear the rots and get freed from the complexities which the present occupiers of seat of power have enmeshed it in, the State needs a gamechanger, someone wilful, competent, passionate and compassionate to serve the people and not a ruler that rule with interest for personal gain. Such a leader is a Captain I say we should let steer the affairs of the state.

The captain I say, should be a God fearing and upright man. No progressive son of the soil should support the pen robbers again. A leader should be passionate about his /her people. A leader feels their plights, bear the burdens and strive day and night to ameliorate the suffering of the people. A leader pays workers salaries. He recognises the importance of educating the youth. A good leader gets the youth dignifying employements and not empowerment with cars and guns to do ‘Dabaru Arrangements’ against the will of already helpless people. 

Such a leader is who I call a Captain that can steer the ship out of trouble. Such a leader is Alhaji Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha that can lead Kwara State out of the present quagmire, redundancy and retrogression that has become synonymous with our dear state. 

Kwarans, let Lukman Mustapha steers the State. #Think_Kwara #Think_LOM

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