There is this general parlance that says “you cannot trust the integrity of a man until he is able to face pecuniary temptations”. Some so-called men of honour who would come to tell us how bad a government is often do worse when they have a taste of small crumbs from government coffers. Education attainment, either with lower or higher grades has not successfully reined in the desperate gullibility and covetousness of these category of people. Infact, more of these “sophisticatedly” educated  individuals are far more gullible and vulnerable than the less educated. I want to take the case of Bolaji Abdullahi, the (about to leave) Publicity Secretary of APC as an example. He exemplifies the reign of confusion and desperation, he is now generally seen by many as the hidden eye of rAPC. He has just lost his hitherto vociferous voice in dressing down the renegade of rAPC. Many now tag him as Nigeria’s foremost political spy, who earns a living through hide and seek. 
Without having to belabourmy readers, character is almost unchangeable notwithstanding the song of change in the political jingle of change government. Those who are inherently slaves to their gene will remain so, even when their conducts are glaringly on the view of the public. Bolaji Abdullahi is seen by many in this image and it is obvious this is who he may continue to be except he courageously locate his psychological compass of self esteem. He is a man who has turned himself and everything he has become to being a “steward” doing kitchen chores in Bukola Saraki’s boys quarters apartment.

Going the historical lane, his voyage into politics did come with a step of a docility so one does not expect a walk of majesty from this misdirected “intelligentsia”. It is on record that till today, Bolaji Abdullahi has not been able to convincingly proved his identity from the compound he claims to have come frm in Ilorin, except doing it the political jamboree way, so, his answerng to commands of Saraki is that of a plea for rescue, to continue to hang onto that rope of cover, to continue to be a member of oppressng and suppressng political clan in Kwara. 

It is sad that Bolaji Abdullahi who many think is smart, intelligent and should as such be independent of any manipulative slavish attempt has continued to allow himself to be held hostage by Saraki. Poor him who cannot fight like an ant and die like an elephant.

After the 2011 general election, Abdullahi was privileged to be appointed into Goodluck Jonathan’s government as Youth and Sports Minister. No sooner he got this appointment than Saraki, his co-sponsor into that government, began to have issues with Jonathan. One thing was never hidden, everybody knew Bolaji loyalty was divided, he was serving Bukola Saraki and former President Jonathan at the same time, thereby becoming the cheapest pawn around, answering his master (Saraki’s) orders and earning his pay from Jonathan. 

The case of a beneficiary of crisis between two enemies. It was so disgusting that a man of his age will be that indecisive and unprincipled. While the banters between Saraki and Jonathan were so hot at that time, and it was obvious Mr. Abdullahi was cut in between. He hung on to that position, with abysmal assertiveness till it was almost certain Jonathan was going to publicly sack him. Infact, some sources reported then that he was asked to resign to avoid disgrace, giving him the grace for his achievements as Sports minister. Predictably, on leaving the position as Sports Minister, at a reception held in his honour by Saraki (for a job well done), Bolaji Abdullahi joined Abdulfatahi Ahmed, Kwara State governor and Saraki to abuse and criticise Jonathan’s government. It was that strange.

Fast forward to 2018, the traditional hide-and-seek master is on another assignment;this time around acting like a mole within the APC. Nobody with high quality decipher intelligence would think Abdullahi is loyal to APC and it would be dumb of him to assume people aren’t aware of his double edge sword credential. 

It is obvious Saraki has control over him and the rope is tightly tied around his neck that he cannot afford to stand by the oath of office he took as Publicity Secretary of APC. It is obvious Bolaji Abdullahi is confused and desperate not 1lOf his double edge sword credential. It is obvious Bolaji Abdullahi is confused and desperate not to lose the bait thrown at him – the promise of governorship ticket Saraki gave him. He has probably forgotten tht the Sarakis we all know do always give same promise to tens of other people just to make them execute a certain assignment at a certain time, thereafter, removing lose the shock” from their feet afterwards. The Kwara North game Saraki is promising to play to the young man’s advantage will end up being a hoax.

 Time will tell. Let it be said clearly that Bolaji Abdullahi’s continuous stay in that position when his boss, Saraki, is 99% out of the party is only filling his “CUPP” of nemesis very quickly. The world is not unaware that he is only hanging on the last string to get a certain hatchet job done for Saraki and his reactionary group to destroy the party from within.

It is worrisome when a supposed educated mind, a father and a husband to innocent children and wives will stoop this low to throw away waters of honour only to bathe in the mud of slavishness. It is disturbing that a Bolaji Abdullahi who should have developed himself on the altar of self dignity, actualisation and strive to grow on the feather of sincerity has suddenly shrunk his neck like a coward tortoise. This is not the time for hide and seek game, this is the time to either take a stand or stand away from here. It is disgraceful that he hasn’t found his courage lever to accelerate a position in this quagmire. It’s either he openly declares his loyalty for Saraki ans rebuke APC or he declares his staunch loyalty for the APC and fiercely call Saraki what he and others are-traitors and mercenaries. 

If I were him, I would have resigned my position and declared a position. It is however important to state that no matter how he sees himself right now, people are even seeing him worst than Saraki. He will go down in history that in our life time, there lived a man, who got some of the best education from some of the best schools around but who failed to apply the principle of integrity therefrom and ended up submitting all his God given acumen to the whims and caprices of a godfather. 

Bolaji will be remembered for being a professional docile dumb who can be planted in opposition camp to act the sniff. Let me end this by saying that no matter how long he hides,he will not join this great team in the same vehicle conveying people of honour to 2019 political glory.

The genuine change agents will not be blind to spotting some of the leopards in our midst and Bolaji shall not be mistaken again for a man to ever trust, again. People of honour don’t refuse to take honourable decisions when situation calls,only dishonourable people act confused when they should stand on the pedestrian of integrity.

Tolulope Muhammad is from Irepodun Local Govt of Kwara State, he writes from Abuja. Talk2topemm@gmail.com

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