Opinion: Bamu Bamu Ni Won Yo – By Egghead

“….bamu bamu ni won yo

    awon amunisin o mon b’ebi n pa 

   Omo mekunu o, 

  Bamu bamu ni won yo..”

      Such is the song on the lips of the merchants of doom. And such is the song on the lips of the ambassadors of poverty at the helm of affairs  of our dear state even if they don’t sing and dance to it openly. Such is the motivation in their minds to live fat at the expense of others’ blood and sweat. No room for the commons welfare as long as the masters tuck bellies in white agbada, no matters. 

      They are the masters in various air-conditioned offices busy on nothingness but feeding big on the salaries for workers. They are the proverbial spenders receiving the wages of workers toiling under the sun and weathering the rain. The ‘nawo nawo’ loafing under the shade that overrides the labourers on the field. Such is their ways. They just must live without caring if others exist not to talk of dignified living for them.

        The Chief at the centre of this political tyranny is a certain man from afar who is visibly on the mission to relegate this state to nothingness and perhaps go back to his home. Teachings make me believe no one wants his home hurt and dry. No warlord uses his home as bait for war. This lends credence to the appellation some righteous elders call him after all, Atohunrinwa! Sadly, he has become a big branch with roots. That’s him.  He won’t stop unless we say never again. He may soon be selling the state. Did he not want to sell the city’s prayer ground? If not for our concerted effort, he could have sold the sacred place! Can’t such a man sell the state? 

      Interestingly, he has brought forth another man to perpetuate his callousness and elongate slavery, oppression, tyranny and retrogression in the state. May Allah forbids. May the prayers, grace and candour of the present and past righteous Sheiks forbid such a man from becoming our governor. A certain man who was a representative by opportunity with no valuable projects attributed to him. A man God recently showed his mild wrath by demolishing one of his buildings surely, it was money meant for the masses , sweat and blood of those hunger made voiceless he was using to erect another robbery centres in disguise. 

   May God be praised. Should such a man lead the state, will he not sink the ship? His frantic efforts and desperation further portrays him as a Boy Boy that won’t stop at anything to massage his Master’s ego. That’s it. They do not have your interest at heart. Only their political careers and clout that counts, as long as the usurper lives, the masses may be wailing in vain. Pity! 

          Such is their ways, the sons of devil masquerading as the great sons of the soil. They have traded their dignity for sacks of mint notes that can never buy good name and respect. Together, they wine and dine to their fill with no shame with long spoons on the state treasury. They are the prodigal sons that have forgotten the values of their various respected homes. Even the heroes past must be angry at how these bootlickers and yes yes men sold the land short and how they have soiled their enviable prestige. Remember, the greatest title is one’s name. Would those that sold their household names, values and prestige not sell the state? 

          This is a call to service for the progressive sons of the soil. We must hearken this voice of reasoning to liberate the state from shackles of grand corruption and underdevelopment. We must not only lend loud, thick voices but get thick skinned to resist the tricksters impeding the state’s greatness. If we don’t come together now to fight for justice, liberation and freedom of this land from the  agents of evil using our future as a broker for power, our sons and unborn children may remember us for nothing but a generation that lived in cowardice instead of fighting to truly live. 

        I know now, that you are ready to fight. I can imagine the spirit of patriotism in you. I feel you have agreed that’s what to do. Yes, that’s it. But you maybe wondering who should have your nod and really worth your thumb . Don’t worry, I know a man. If only you care I describe him for you. 

       He’s an home boy whose desire is to serve the state and not to rule. A father to all whose impact and values reign supreme in this land than those sit tight Megambos on the seats of power. The vast number of youth he sponsors their education attest to this. This is a verifiable assertion at all time . He’s the son of a Chief in Ilorin, someone who will not desecrate the land and flee. 

       He’s a business czar and a banker per excellence. An economist who will overturn the state doddering economy to a dreamed level. An active members of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria who knows the virtue of accountability. That’s to say he can be trusted with  treasury and not lose sleep like we do with these pen robbers in power. 

      He’s a passionate man who has never been on the side of oppressors. He’s a new breed, the type we need. A game changer we can truly call our own. No one has been able to taint his name. His personality sends tremor down the spines of Ojelus. He’s the spoiler of their ruinous game. 

      Pardon me, I won’t be going further describing this man I know my words may not vividly describe. You should look this person up too and let the discovery amaze, surprise, inspire and encourage you. I know by now you know you are not alone in this fight. Alhaji Lukman Olayiwola Mustapha will fight beside, in front and behind you. 

     Lets sing to high heavens the song of hope inspired by the lover of the masses. Lets roll out the drums to drum adequate support for him. He knows what we pine for, we should give Lukman Mustapha the chance to strut his stuffs. 

     Now that we know our man shouldn’t we send the actors away? Now that the son of the soil has come, the impostors should be sent to the woods or maybe more leniently, to the backstage, if not the prisons, to watch how  a noble man rights their wrongs. Come 2019, lets find meaning to life by making the rebirth of Kwara a reality. Somehow, it’s time Kwarans should ask to live! 

“…..bamu bamu ni won yo 

      bamu ni won yo, 

     awon ojelu o mon b’ebi n pa omo mekunu o, 

     awon obayeje o mon pe ya n je talaka o, 

    bamu bamu ni won yo! “

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