Oluwo of Iwo: A Confused Man and The Tragedy of Iwo Caliphate – By Apogunpote Olayinka Chocomilo

Permit me to congratulate the good people of Iwo Kingdom on the recent ridicule of culture and traditions our forefathers laboured for by Abdulrasheed Akanbi Teju, the uncultured emir of Iwoalnd. As I sympathise with the intelligent ones who understand the nittygritty of culture and traditions as Akanbi changed the heritage of his forefathers from greatness to mediocrity and subjected it to public ridicule amidst other yoruba towns where culture and traditions are respected and appreciated; I share my condolences with Abdulrasheed Akanbi Teju; the confused one and the tragedy of the new Iwo Caliphate.

This is not the first crazy decision he would made as a king. People that are very familiar with activities in Iwo kingdom know better that if there are ailments Abdulrasheed is suffering from after installation as the Oluwo of Iwo Kingdom; they are mouth diarrhoea, indecision and egoistic malaria.

Pa Ogundokun raised alarm through his write-ups where he described Akanbi as a Yo-yo and a misfit to rule Iwo Kingdom. Pa Ogundokun raised vital issues and actions of Akanbi that have subjected the sacred throne of the parrot to public ridicule. He complained bitterly about Akanbi leaving the palace to meet elites (guests) at the outskirt of the town and he expressed his dissatisfaction how Akanbi gatecrashed events; both invited and uninvited ones and many other issues were raised.

Akanbi refused to acknowledge bitter truths and accused Ogundokun of attacking the precious throne of Iwo Kingdom he recently subjected to public ridicule. On a blessed morning where youths in other towns were engaged with works and elders in meetings; Akanbi led a group of unemployed youths, corrupt chiefs and carefree eleders to this former senator’s house to curse, abuse and defame his personality.

He announced publicly that he has sacked a chief he never installed. Pa Ogundokun was treated as a rival of the king and enemy of the town. It is dawn on us all who wrongly accused Pa Ogundokun rather than us to read his epistle with open minds and ask Akanbi to make corrections to issues raised that Akanbi is truly what Ogundokun said he is.

Akanbi woke up on one blessed day and referred himself as the Emperor of Iwo Kingdom. He defied the traditions of Iwo by removing a statue (idol) that has been there for so many years in the palace away from its actual position to another position. When Alaafin of Oyo has not crowned his queen, Ooni of Ife never crowned his ex-wife, Akanbi crowned his Jamaica’s wife against the dictations of the culture and people of Iwo watched helplessly.

Akanbi is almost everywhere claiming superiority with his egoistic and gatecrashing of events attitude. Today, He fights with elites that are not in line with his usual behaviour and tomorrow, you will see him fighting with another Oba over superiority. If many have forgotten, some of us will always remember how he entered the town with a pierced ear and how he always misplaces the position of Irukere, the civilisation and westernization Iwo people demanded for.

Recently, he installed the waziri of Yorubaland and the poor man who has never received honorary award in his lifetime accepted it amidst controversy. The league of Imams and Alfas in Southwest has warned Akanbi to desist from installing the waziri of Yorubaland yet he went ahead. He has belittled the sacred throne of his forefathers and got carried away with the flaunt of wealth, respect and recognitions of the Emirs. Akani’s covetousness has ridiculed the throne and values we have known Iwo people for. Was he not the same man who stepped into the shoes of Chief Imam of Iwoland by leading festive solat.

It is glaring that Abdulrasheed Akanbi is a growing poisonous snake that needs to be tame. I will recommend the appointment of professors or elderly ones who are familiar with our culture,  tradition and heritage to serve as guide to this young king especially to checkmate his uncultured utterances. There is a need for thorough education on how kings behave,  speak and move. He needs to learn from Alaafin of Oyo how a king behaves and learn the golden knowledge of mastery of words.

All these irresponsible acts will always happen as far as we pick successors of throne through google instead of ifa divination. Politics has eaten deep into our culture and traditions. Without political affiliation, Akanbi is unfit to lead a family not to talk of a town. If truly ifa exists, ifa is not corrupt as well and Akanbi has not silenced the gods as he boasted of few months ago, he should be disgraced out of throne.

Was he chosen by Ifa divination? Where are the kingmakers that gave Iwo people this tragedy?

There is possibility that Ifa may find it hard to remove someone that is not selected by Him. 

All things being equal, I am not surprised because no one builds a house on water and complain of flood and fragility. Dear lovely Iwo people,  you are not alone. No man rejects Solomon’s wisdom and does not end up celebrating foolishness. 

 Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo is a writer, social critic and investigative journalist at the FULCRUM.

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