Must Read: Femi Gbajabiamila Reacts To Antics Trailing Car Gift To Wife

The Surelere 1 Federal constituency representative at the lower chamber of national assembly  Mr Femi Gbajabiamila has finally reacted to the antics and condemnations trailing the presentation of Mercedes Benz G-Wagon as birthday gift to his wife who turned fifty years days ago.

Recall that social media was in agog with the news that the Lagos lawmaker who is also the majority leader of the House of Representatives, presented the mobile property customised with “Assurance” plate number to his hearthrob as birthday gift. The basis of the negative reactions which trailed the gift was the rumour that the vehicle cost a whopping ₦100m, but Femi Gbajabiamila has finally broken his silence with expressive response on his law school whatsApp group.

Below are his reactions….

“My dear “friends” I thank you for all your comments. I ordinarily was going to keep a dignified silence on this whole sordid matter and indeed I have. This is the first comment I am making in all of this.  I honestly thought this was a platform of classmates and of lawyers.”

“I thought the legal training was that there were 2 sides to every story and maybe sometimes even a 3rd.  Many have said you’re only saying the truth but I don’t know how one gets to the truth by hearing only one side and not giving the benefit of doubt but passing a hurried judgment.

“I would have expected those who seek the truth to reach out even if privately like Frank did, of our classmates were at this very small private gathering of family and friends namely Candido Johnson Mike Igbokwe and Folabi Martins.”

Now What are the issues?

1. My wife of 26 years who I love to death turned 50 and I decided to do something special for her. Her 50th did not happen unexpectedly. I knew a couple of years God sparing her  life she would turn 50 and I prepared for it. This is a woman who has been with me through thick and thin and stood as a pillar of support and who at one time was the breadwinner. Hell I may even have saved up for it or sold an old car to make up the numbers you guys do not know. I believe the cost of a vehicle pales into insignificance when you consider the sacrifices our wives make on the daily. 

2. We are all educated and can look up the cost of the car. Not even half of the 100m in social media. 

3. What I wear is non of y’alls business as I’m sure there will be people who’s attire or jewelry or shoes on this platform I may not like but will not deride them for it. 

4. I had a tear to plan for this and I did. 

5. We had a family gathering and few friends of about 30 in all in my house for thanks giving and prayers. It was a breakfast get together. My wife’s pastor prayed Gave a sermon, praise n worship and guests had breakfast. The whole affair was meant to have ended by 6. Unfortunately some people came after work as it was a weekday. 

6. I purchased my wife’s car from the US and unfortunately the car was delayed at the ports for 4 days. She was meant to get her gift at midnight of her birthday in the privacy of our home. 

7.  I called Mr Folabi Martins the day before her birthday ( he happens to be the lawyer to Maersk the shipping co) and he made frantic efforts to call the md. 

8. Man proposes Gid disposes and there was little I could do the car never came. 

9. It came as a surprise to me when the car was driven by the agents into my compound at 7.30 pm with a few guests and my family members still present. There was little I could do. 

10. How the above facts can draw such vitriol from this platform shocks me to the marrow but then like they say it is what it is. 

11. My “brother” who commented above that I crave publicity or wanted this on social media I’m sorry we may be classmates but you do not know me. 

12. Guys I have paid my dues in this country. I did not gift a car to a girlfriend like many do. I gave it to my WIFE!!

13. Now assuming this was a public display which it most certainly wasn’t does it warrant the things I am reading on this platform the extent of venom and crucifixtion from you guys ? Or is there something else here ? 

14. I must say a big thank you to Frank and to Afolabi who has called me severally and stood in support. I also thank you Mike Igbokwe for the staunch support you put up on anothe platform of yours. 

15. I am surprised that no one here is discerning to see that this is a political hatchet job but I will continue to focus on my work. Enough said 

God bless our class of 84

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