I have always wondered how Hope is best described. I had always maintained it couldn’t be properly sculpted in words and neither could it be perfectly sang a song. I believe, the feeling of hope is ethereal, only a feeler and the mind can gauge the bliss it brings . But then, I might have come closer to seeing how it drives the hopefuls. I might have seen in brief the answers to the mystery of the feelings of hope in Kwarans  yesterday. 
Maybe, Hope is the greater of joy, happiness and bliss is debatable but it’s an harbinger of all of these. Maybe the death of hope in a man is even grievous than a touch of the severest of sickness. But whatever it is or however it is best described, I finally found out that Hope gives new lease of life on the faces of Kwarans where it was boldly and conspicuously written and in their voices they made in one loud trumpet announcing the new face of change – Mallam Lukman Mustapha. 
If you were a great, passionate dancer, I would say you found such a feeling in the swaying of the hips and the swinging of the feet to rhythms of a master drummer, you know the bliss such a moment arouse. I know life at that time is somewhere between heaven and the earth in savoury of the unique mien of tranquility. If you were a driver that makes the engine sings song of redemption each time you get on the wheel in acknowledgement of your mastery, I would suggest we ask the car how it feels the time your hands caress the steering. But  that’s lost on once since cars don’t talk, we should ask you how you feel when you get to do with what you love best. I thought these inferences would paint clear pictures of how elated Kwarans felt to behold the Rebirth Captain when his feet touched the ground of his home soil two days ago! 

But such moments are better left to the imaginations of those who cares, the answers may just be with the believers of the Rebirth Mission. 
Such, was how I found it hard describing the festivities that beheld Ilorin on Tuesday night as Kwarans rolled out drums and flutes to welcome Mallam Lukman Mustapha to Ilorin. The air waves became arrested by songs of hope and metaphor of solidarity with graceful voices of candour and grace expressing trust and belief in LOM and his new party piercing the sky. 

At a time, I stood glasses in hands, lost, watching in awe and wonders if the much coveted Mecca has more faithful than the number of people my eyes behold when I raised my eyes –  brooms high up swinging left, right and centre in such a awe – inspiring scene. Then I wondered out of curiosity why people of that mighty size daunted the odds to welcome the sanguine Rebirth preacher, Mallam Lukman Mustapha. 
Lo and behold, a song fizzled from God- know- wherever in murmurs before becoming a blast hitting my eardrums

“… kaabo, Akambi Olayiwola, 

     Ilu ti n re ti re ooo, kaabo 

      Se dada l’ode? …”

Then I thought that was it, the height of affection and solidarity until a sweeper came:

          “…. Luku ni’lu n fe o,

                Luku nilu n fe oo,

      Ilu lo fe Luku, Luku ni’lu n fe oo….

 A chant on their lips for long. 

There and then the answers materialised,  the high hopes Kwara placed on LOM as more people came out when his convoy reached Geri Alimi roundabout to join the movement pumping their fists with gusto, mouthing songs of hope with vivid trust and respect. 
I took a momentary glance at the man of the moment, the Captain was dishing affectionate smile to the masses. He held his broom in one hand and used the other top wave and shook the hands of the elated crowd in a show of comradeship. I wondered why such his smiling, handsome face won’t even bewitch a witch. Such show of humility lighted the candles of love in several hand shakers hearts as their voices became louder and I affirmed how far character, compassion and competence can take one beyond imaginations.
There and then, I felt the people were right trusting LOM as no one amongst the chasing packs hold a candle to his integrity and competence. The enigma, sanguine Rebirth Captain, Mallam Lukman Mustapha has become the new songs of hope on Kwarans’ lips. Rebirth is the gospel to herald 2019.

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