#KWARADecide: KWASIEC Alleged of Incompetency As Election Materials Are Unavailable in Complete

The Kwara State Indepent Electoral Commission KWASIEC have been alleged of incompentency to handle the ongoing LG elections  and possibly more similar exercises to come.

The fear was expressed across social media by the electorates and concerned minds who are monitoring and reporting the ongoing exercise across the polling units.

According to one of our sources, “Insufficient electoral materials, no report sheets, which kind of election is this na? Is this how they have been winning? Anybody who calls himself Chairman is guilty of impersonation” He lamented.

A Facebook User who is at Ajikobi ward wrote that “it is over time 11:30 am here, no officials of KWASIEC at sight, this election is fraud”.

Another person who also reacted said “It’s evident clear the ruling party APC can’t win in a free election. That is why they see KWASIEC as partner in crime. Thank God that only option available to them for now is being resisted by electorates.”

Another person also expressed that “the so-called INEC officials are “affiliated ” APC representatives …Looks like You KWASIEC is using 2015 voters list for this election? All the newly registered voters are missing from the voters list presented at the polling units. Why nah?

image of what looks like 2015 electoral materials rejected and destoyed by the electorates.

Someone else who also aired his opinion on a Telegram platform said “I thought the body conducting the elections said they are prepared for the elections? What is this we are hearing again Biko? Na WA o.”

Our source from Oloje ward reported that “The election was equally interrupted here at Oloje due to insufficiency of electoral materials, report sheets were also not brought here and KWASIEC officials had to go back to the state office to bring other necessary materials. 

Election is already ongoing now but all the 15 polling boots in Oloje have been put on halt due to lack of transparency coupled with insufficient election materials. Why? Didn’t they (KWASIEC) have the records before now?” He quipped.

In similar reports, election process stopped at 001, 002, 007, 005, 039 polling units, Alanamu ward over incomplete electoral materials.

The same thing applicable to Polling unit 015, Ile-idomi Agaka-Oke.


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