#KWARADecide: Ballot Boxes Snatching, Insufficient Materials and Protests Dominate As Electorates Stand Against Kangaroo Election

As the election exercise is going on all round the 193 wards of the 16 Local governments areas of the Kwara State, Legend Lens brings you 15 updates and details about the conducts of the electorates and officials of Kwara State Independdent Electoral Commission (KWASIEC) across various polling Unit as compiled by our Electoral Monitoring Officers. 

1. No electoral material at Adigbogbo centre Oju Ekun ward Ilorin west LG. No result sheet for council chairman.

2. 329 ballot papers are missing at 017 Ilorin West LG  at Ojibara polling unit and youths told them (KWASIEC) that election would not be hold.

3. No result sheet at Magaji Ngeri ward as electorates chanting ‘No complete electoral materials, No voting.’

4. In kuntu 007 poling unit. KWASIEC didn’t bring recording sheet and there’s no ballot paper for chairmanship election. Without rectifying this anomaly, electorates vowed there’ll be no election.

5. There was report of clash between APC and PDP agents at poll unit 011, Magaji Zeni, Alanamu ward.

6. The election has been stopped at okelele DADA area of IBAGUN WARD due to unavailability of result sheet.

7. The election has been stopped at Ode Sebutu polling units Ilorin West LG.

8. Reports from Ogidi ward polling Unit 008 and Oloriegbe Polling unit have it that election has stopped due to unavailability of result sheets 

9. At Ojibara polling units of 017 and 018, votings have been put on halt due to  incomplete ballot papers.

10. No election material in Isapa ward, but voting is ongoing inside the compound of of Hon. C.T Ayeni. Gun shots rent eveeywhere.

11. Cases of insufficient ballot papers also reported from Elemere, ASOMU and other polling units in Womi Ayaki ward ,Moro LGA.

12. In Ara polling unit also in Moro LGA,voters are protesting against open attempts by electoral officers who kept ballot papers and refused to make it available. The voters are going berserk and becoming uncontrollable.

13. Another case of ballot box snatching also recorded at Iwo ward, isin LG

14. In Jenkunu ward, Moro LGA, no election: three ballot boxes snatched by APC members and electoral officers.

15. At Ansarul Islam polling unit Jebba ward, the KWASIEC Presiding Officer Ezekiel Okedare is a younger brother to Matthew Okedare, the Deputy Speaker Kwara State House of Assembly,  who is a staff of FAAN has been alleged of giiven the electorates who are APC supporters more than 10 ballot papers per person to cast.

More updates later….

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