Kwara LG Polls: Saraki Fears Defeat, Doles Out Cash As Electorates Insist on Transparent Elections Across The State

As Kwara State holds local government elections today across the 16 Local government areas of the State, the electorates are doing everything possible to make the election free and fair without giving rooms for any form of manipulations as the politicians are leaving  no stone unturned in order to buy their ways to victory.

According to information available to Legend Lens, the senate President of Nigeria, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki who also doubled as the leader of the ruling APC has given out financial supports to his loyalists in order to prosecute the elections to victory. According to source who confided in us, he said “Saraki fearing the outcome of today’s poll late last night dolled out millions of Naira to his supporters so that they can buy their ways to victory.”

“The purpose of the money is for his foot soldiers to go and do all possible means to manipulate so that he will not be put to shame as the reality of losing is becoming more imminent”.

“This might also downed to what the people of the Kwara North were clamouring yesterday while puting fire in the house of one the Saraki loyalist in senate Sen. Sha’aba Lafiaji- ‘We don’t want Saraki; We don’t want Sha’aba’.”

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 Meanwhile, according to reports from various wards accross the state, the efforts to thwarts the elections from being transparent are being resisted by the electorates who are insisting it is not business as usual, their votes must be counted.

According to our source at Alanamu ward which is one the key wards in Ilorin West local government where the Senate President hails from, he reported that, “In Alanamu wards, materials for 44 polling units were brought but the youths said all materials for all polling units must be complete before any elections. Also, members of the ruling APC are spotted as presiding officers and polling clerk accross the Emirate to assist the senate president who has lost grip in the Emirate.”

Also at Oko Erin ward, it was reported that, KWAISEC officials  have said there won’t be accreditation but electorates stood their ground until  the officials bowed to pressure and accreditation is ongoing.

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Our source from Ilorin South reported that, “Most of the polling units in Ilorin South, were short of ballot papers. For instance, where you have 907 registered voters, they brought only 100 ballot papers for Councillors and Chairmen, but the electorate have told the INEC officials that they won’t allow the election exercise to commence except they bring in complete the remaining ballot papers”.

“In Akanbi Ward 5 of the same Local Govt, each polling unit received 100 pieces of ballot papers which is short of the numbers of the registred voters recorded.”

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