Kwara APC Calls For Saraki Expulsion From The Party Over Anti-Party Activities


Our attention has been brought to the display of oafishness and obtuseness displayed by one Sulyman Buhari, purporting to speak on behalf of KW APC, in a statement issued today. His disgraceful statement has prompted us to set the records straight as diligent progressives and followers of the All Progressive Congress of Kwara State (APC). Mr. Sulyman does not speak for Kwara APC members. He speaks for the fake acronym crew (rAPC, nPDP), the destructive canker worms that jump from party to party searching for looting opportunities. There is only one a APC chaired by Comrade Adams Oshiomole.

The swift response of the Mr Sulyman is not surprising. We are not unaware of how he and his goons use the Kwara APC as a tool to garner inexpensive popularity and attention.

It is evident beyond microscopic scrutiny that President of the Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki is a political desperado whose debut as a political snitch started with his family. His insatiable thirst for power has led him to malign constituted authority and the sacred orderliness of the APC in his usual pseudo-destruction style. We are not in any way surprised at the stunts he pulled with the creation of nPDP/rAPC and their double speak. In any sane society, the Senate President’s numerous conspiracies and blatant disrespect would have been considered treasonable by the party and seen as a personal non grata to the entire country. Anyone who celebrates such hypocrisy and malfeasance is prima-facie an enemy of Nigerians and Nigeria. The cancer of our nation, Corruption goes beyond financial impropriety, it also borders on human behaviour. Their behaviour in the APC has shown that they are morally bankrupt. 

Respect begets respect. Apparently, the attitude of aberration for authority and hierarchy by the Senate President and his cohorts delineates how and why Mr Sulyman, can openly denigrate the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of our beloved APC as lacking “decorum”. May we humbly suggest to Mr Sulyman that perhaps in future he sends us his draft press statements so we can help him forward to one of our students at our Federal Government College to edit them for him. That might save him the embarrassment of exposing his limitations with this his porous release. This is necessary as he obviously does not know the meaning of the word ‘decorum’. If he did, he would know that decorum in politics starts with being a good, loyal person with political manners and conduct, which is lucidly absent in him, his ganger and their cohorts. Their lack of decorum is the political snitch-jacketing and political prostitution they are shamelessly showcasing.

We are very cognizant of the fact that since the press statement by Hon Yekini Nabena,cronies of the Senate President have been mounting heavy pressure on the National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, to disown the statement by the Deputy Publicity Secretary. The integrity of our able Party Chairman is as unshakable as is the unity of our beloved APC! They forget that this new Chairman comes with a track record of courage and integrity. Welcome to the new APC dawn.

How dare Mr Sulyman audaciously tell us that the Senate President will give Nigerians his decision when he is ready. He dares because the party has over-indulged their rat pack. And this must surely stop. We wonder what standards the APC is setting when the party itself is treating a handful of so called “members “ as the Be-It-All of politics in Nigeria, when President Muhammadu Buhari himself assured Nigerians that they are no sacred cows anywhere. 

We are in utmost support of Hon Yekini Nabena that the APC should put an abrupt end to this indulgence of the Senate President’s blighted group and expel them outright. What are we waiting for?  With people like them, who needs enemies as they have done more harm to us than even PDP. But they would, after all, they are PDP in APC clothing. 

We call on the leadership of the All Progressive Congress to expel Dr Bukola Saraki and his limited crew members for their serial anti-party activities. We in APC Kwara State do not like them, do not want them and most certainly, do not need them. We reject them and all that they are and all that they stand for. 

We thank the Deputy Publicity Secretary of our party for calling a spade a spade and understand fully, as do all APC party members, from Mr President right down to the latest member of our great party why this role fell on you to do and not the National Publicity Secretary. All in a matter of time. 

Long live President Muhammadu Buhari

Long live the All Progressive Congress (APC)

Long live the APC,Kwara State

Long live Nigeria 



Publicity Secretary 

All Progressive Congress

Kwara State

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