When a society is occupied by corruption, injustice and inequality, free it with education and  good leadership, for the survival of a society is endowed by the contribution of good leaderships and support of the people. It is on this premise, I find it very necessary to manifest my heartfelt intention for the gubernatorial candidate of my choice for coming 2019 election. Though, many may call this a canvass while some may call it campaign but whatever name you call it, you are free just like birds in the sky to project your opinion.

Interestingly, in gubernatorial election like this, It is a trite norm that electorates cast vote for the candidate of their choice with the intention that he will perform the function of the purported office he is going to, to the satisfaction of the public in general. But if by the way, it turns to be that only few people benefit from his administration after the election, that is to tell you the policy is in somersault.

However, to free people of Kwara from this menace and to shield them from regression, regretfulness, ruefulness cohesion and intimidation, we must vote in a candidate with principle and human feelings. The candidate that therefore fits for the job is  Mallam Lukmam Mustapha, we have in him, a gubernatorial candidate that posses the materials needed to transform the State to hub of excellence.

While brainstorming on what Lukman Mustapha represents, I see in him a political L- Luminary, U-Utilitarian leader, K- Knowledgeable personality, M-Man of the people, A-Able and N-Naturally endowed. He is  M-Muchness in aspiration, U-Unique in relation, S-Special amongst equals, T-Transparent in his dealings, A-Amiable in character, P-Proactive& Productive, H-Humanitarian conscious and A- Administratively competent.

This is a man that his records absolutely fascinate people’s attention to identify with and presented as their candidate. He is a man with impeccable character, a chartered banker with impressive professional prowess; he has over the years manifested high level of professional dexterity with the record of being the best amongst the equal. He is the Chairman of Sobi 101.9 FM, Ilorin and currently the head of Northern Region for First City Monument Bank, FCMB.

Considering the above outstanding and inherent qualities, the best way to appreciate him and to celebrate his highly revered personality in Kwara is to honor him as our gubernatorial candidate for the upcoming election comes 2019. 

This man can only receive what is given to him from heaven in political arena with our supports. We need to appreciate him and give him that chance because, whatever we fail to appreciate will surely depreciate. Lukman Mustapha deserves our support so much in Kwara state.

They says, a life span giving to a man is very short but that of a worthy life is eternal. In conformity with this creche, his contributions toward development of Kwara state is second to none and no one has ever compete with him on that despite the fact that he has never hold any political post before.

Conclusively, what he told me to deliver to people is that “he who is born without any service from him is a specimen of futility to humanity” that, he is ready to serve people of Kwara and peddle the canoe of Kwara state to the victorious land.

AMINAT DAUD is a Student of Geography at University of Lagos

Up Nigeria

Up Kwara

Up Kwara youths

Up Lukmam Mustapha

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