IPOB New Leadership Vows To Expose Nnnamdi Kanu and His Financiers

Those who benefitted from inciting young Igbo youth to violence and death, the time of reckoning has come” and we know Nnamdi Kanu Is Hiding In London — Radio Biafra.

Radio Biafra and IPOB new leader Mazi Ezenachukwu Sampson Okwudili, has said following the dismissal of Nnamdi Kanu as Leader of IPOB, IPOB new leadership has threatened to expose the financiers of Nnamdi kanu, who gave him financial support he used in walking  on  his path of “violence, hate speech, criminal intimidation, hooliganism, and the unconscionable blood-letting of innocent Igbo youth.

In a 6 AM broadcast monitored in Abuja, the London-based shortwave radio station said: “Those who benefitted from inciting young Igbo youth to violence and death, the time of reckoning has come. We are putting an end to blood-shed while continuing with our struggle. Kanu has fled to London using his British passport and he is hiding after our successful takeover of the Radio and IPOB Leadership”- Mazi Okwudili said.

He continued: “Those who live by the sword know the final judgment, therefore people like Uche Mefor and his brother Mr Law Mefor along with Emma Powerful, should know that like the Robert Mugabe era, the Nnamdi Kanu era has come to an end. The time when rabble rousers loot IPOB treasury, share it with their family and friends has come and gone”.

The radio broadcast in particular alleged that Law Mefor, the brother of Uche Mefor,  Kanu’s former deputy, was collecting money from Igbo traders and businessmen as treasurer of IPOB and converting it to personal use. “Money collected so far is in excess of 300 million Naira and we are still counting as information about contributors continue to trickle in”. 

The Radio in a disclaimer announcement also dismissed them and asked the public “not to have any monetary dealings with them on matters pertaining to IPOB, an ideologically focused, democratic, accountable, and truly non-violent organization”.

The broadcast made in both Igbo and English ended by inviting both members and the general public to tune Radio Biafra every morning on “7240 KHZ, 41 meter-band, short wave and at 9 PM on 11530 KHZ on 25 meter band.

Tony Chiazor

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