Imam Ali-Agan Led Muslims to Rebury Thunder-Striken Dead Lecturer in Ilorin Muslim Cemetery

The body of Mr AbdulSalam a  lecturer with the Kwara State College of Education who was mysteriously killed by thunder strike have been found fresh in his grave 47 days after.

Dr. Abubakar Imam Aliagan-led committee have sometimes before now sought to exhume the body of the late lecturer from where he was initially buried and relocate him to the Ilorin Muslim Cemetery.

Recall that Janazah Prayer was performed in absence for the deceased some few weeks back while processing the corpse exhumation for reburial in accordance with Islamic rite.

But so amazing that while carrying out the exercise today (Tuesday) the body of late Abdulsalam was found fresh without decomposition part.

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  1. Alege Abdulhakeem TAIWO (Liberty)
    November 9, 2017

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