IEDPU: Saraki Rep Boos, As Eshinrogunjo Gets Loud Ovations

It was a drama of  intrigues for the political class yesterday at the annual almanac launching of Ilorin Emirate Descendant Progressive Union as Alhaji Kawu Baraje booed by the crowd.

Baraje who represented the President of Nigerian senate, Senator Bukola Saraki at the event was quoted to have said that the poor governance at the state should be blamed on the incumbent administration led by governor Abdulfatah Ahmed and not Saraki.

According to the sources who were at the event quoted the former acting chairman of PDP to have said that Kwarans are hungry because of poor governance of present governor of the state. 

“He said all the good plans of Saraki who was the immediate past governor of the State for eight years were not allowed to manifest because of intricacy of President Muhammad Buhari led govt and emphatically poor performances of Gov. Abdulfatah Ahmed who succeeds Saraki on the throne.”

The representative of the state government who is also the State commissioner for Education, Alhaji Musa Ayinla Yeketi could not say much when he got the mic as he was jeered down the podium for incompetency. 

Contrastively, the Ilorin West PDP flag bearer in the just concluded local government elections, Comr. Musbahudeen Eshinrogunjo got ovations from the crowds as he went to pay homage to the Emir for his royal blessing. 

Meanwhile, the senate President, Dr. Saraki was sighted in Ilorin on Friday and Saturday to address political supporters but surprisingly, he didn’t attend that historical annual event, instead, sent Baraje to represent him. Some indigenes who confided in us expressed displeasures with this as they see it as mark of disregard for the culture while some are of insinuations that his absence was due to fear of unknown considering the outcome of last local government elections in the State.

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