I want To Change The Face of Legislative Representation in Ekiti State – Unilorin Alumnus Declares

After long consultation and consideration on which of the political parties represents our vision of a better and developed Ekiti via thorough youth representation at the hallow chamber of the State, here is where I finally landed, come 2019, I John Ayokunle Funsho Falodun hereby choose ​Independent Democrats 🆔​ as political party through which my aspiration would be realised.

I want to state it clearly that my aspirations is not desperation but a way of representing the masses and speak for the voiceless.

Before I state my mission if given the mandate, permit me to use this medium to appreciate all the critical thinkers and progressive minded people who still want the best for this country despite the numerous we have whom only concern is survival of their own immediate clan. I want to as well specially appreciate those who stood to push and encourage me this far. What we seek is way forward, thanks for all the supports I got from you so far, thanks for those which am still getting.

I must however state it boldly that the end of one race is the begining of another one. Like Yoruba proverb – Sise si ku; a sese bere ni “More works to do, we are just starting”.

I’m on this note making open declaration in official capacity – my aspirations to contest for Ekiti State House of Assembly ticket as representative of good people of  Ado Ward 8 Constituency 2 under the political party of Independent Democrats.

I’m on a mission to change the face of legislative representative to a better, viable amd promising one, if gotten the mandate, we shall challenge the existing orders and make the require amendment.

I want to appeal to you that we should see my aspiration as Struggle and Not Political. Let see it as a Fight for Freedom and not a way of enriching personal pocket. Let’s start to put our heads together to proffer practicable solutions since we’ve been able to identify our Problems. Let’s speak with common and onerous voice, not because of ourselves but because of the coming generations.

We’ve made attempts and we’ve seen how electioneering process is and where we as a Youth can come in to make the needed Change required as the sole determinant.

I’m offering myself as a servant to my people and I’m ready to serve them with sincerity.

I’m ready to run. I’ve made my intention known and I’m not going back on that no matter the challenges they put on me.

My Missions:

•To Challenge the Existing order. 

•Make necessary change when elected. 

•Sponsor and support Bills that would improve the living and give better hope to all individuals in my constituency. 

•Run a participatory session where both old and younger ones would be at the centre of all. 

•Support improvement of Education as a means of tackling ignorance and not the other way round….

•To give a voice to the Youths constituency and represent them by aiding their voice been heard clearly.

This is time to support one of Our own… Pray, Canvass, Mobilise and plan support my aspirations. Remember, My Win is Our Win.

I’m John Ayokunle Funso Falodun (Hon Jaff Jafforie) Ado Ward 8 Constituency 2.

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