I Framed Up Olohunwa Because He Refused To Help Me -Ade Lawyer

The suspected hired assasin Adeola Williams (Ade Lawyer) who indicted former Lagos NURTW chairman boss Alhaji Abdulrafiu Akanni Olohunwa of being the one who hired him with 1.5 million Naira to assassinate one Azeez Adekunle Lawal has confessed to the police that he only framed up Olohunwa for his refusal to help him during his time of need despite all he had done for him when he (Olohunwa) need his own support.
The notorious hired assasin who was arrested on 14th of last month at his newly rented house in Akure Ondo State by IRT Operatives stated in his confession that he roped in Olohunwa for his part in what has became of his miserable life.

Giving reason why he had wanted to kill the branch Chairman of Lagos Island Alh. Azeez Adekunle popularly known as Kunle Poly, Williams said he decided to kill Kunle Poly for his refusal to talk to the state chairman of the union, Tajudeen Agbede, on his behalf. He said he worked hard for Agbede to emerge as the chairman but that he was dumped after the election.

He stated further, “I thought about my predicament because my wife was heavily pregnant and the money I was getting from Oluomo wasn’t enough and I wasn’t ready to use my gun for armed robbery, so I decided to end the life of the man who refused to help me mend my relationship with Agbede.”
Having caught by the police after his attack on Kunle Poly, Williams revealed that he decided to indict other innocent people so that he won’t suffer alone.
He added, “I decided to rope in Olorunwa because he was the one who ruined my life. It was my support for him during his fight with MC Oluomo that made me to lose my position at the union. After he was removed from office, he had so much money but he was wasting it on women and movie actors and he refused to help me.

“If he had given me good money after he left office, for staking my life for him, I won’t have been roaming about looking for who to kill. I was just so bitter, so I framed him. I made up the story that he paid me N500,000 to kill Kunle Poly and I also lied that I seized his vehicle because he was owing me a balance of N1m.”
Willliams made another revelation of how he was once arrested and remanded in Ikoyi prison in 1998 for stealing a wristwatch belonging to late fuji maestro, Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, at a show in Lagos Island.
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He said, “A fight broke out when he was about leaving the hall and I found my way to the front where I succeeded in snatching his watch from his wrist. People saw me struggling with his bouncers and the next day, they brought policemen to arrest me in my mother’s house.”
After he regained his freedom in 2001, he said he went back to being a bus conductor and driver in Ajah – the same job he was doing before he went to prison. He said he joined the NURTW, Ajah Branch, where he was made a park attendant.

Through his years in NURTW, he said he worked for the likes of Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo, Akanni Olorunwa, who was once a chairman of the union in the state, and one Mustapha Sagoe, who took over his unit initially.

He said he also decided to rope MC Oluomo as the person who sent him because he expected him (Oluomo) to come to his aid but that he didn’t show up, until he “finally decided to come clean and say the truth and give my life to Christ. I also lied earlier that I worked for Prince Kazeem Aletu during the fight between him and Oba Elegushi.”

“Though I didn’t know Prince Kazeem before, I have heard his name very well before and I asked for assistance from him several times through somebody who knows him but he refused to help me, and that was why I mentioned his name too. But now I am a born-again Christian and I will always say the truth and stand by the truth.”

Meanwhile, police sources said efforts were on to arrest the remaining gang members still at large.” 

Source: Punch

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