After hardship verily comes sufficiency for the righteous, so says the Holy book, Al-Quran. And so would it be for Kwarans to enjoy sustenance, sufficiency, abundance and development after the spate of ineffective leadership the state had the misfortune of experiencing in the last few years. It’s only normal for the people of Kwara who has known more suffering, hunger, poverty and more degrading and inhumane treatments from the unpatriotic actions and inactions of some political leaders to find succor and reprieve soon. For the Lord does not forsake His people, the hope has come hither, so Kwarans may dream and hope again.
It’s not wrong if you don’t see nothing wrong with Kwara of today yet, but it’s utterly bad on my behalf, if I don’t open your eyes to the reality. Dear reader, do hit the street after reading this piece maybe you will be able to withstand the brutal blow of the truth to heart. Maybe, you will know the truth needs no dressing, it’s as nakedly beautiful as you can see.

You may start like this, ask that basic school teacher how life has been to him /her. Do not take his/her stories alone, do not even believe such yet as they could be planted lies. So do ask the state government workers the reality of their job. They would made you understand that, they can only work but never dare to ask or hope for pays until the leaders have mercy. Sadly, they shouldn’t be heard too. Theirs is a fart in a masquerade costume, you savour the stench alone.

Dear reader, do not believe yet, they could have lied, you know? Go on, ask the state teachers how they survive. Be calm to relish their distasteful tale of woes and lamentatations of their melancholy. If after hearing their stories you remain unyielding, I will advise you to move on to any LG Council known to you. Be not be swept away with whatever your eyes see there, but endeavor to ask why things are in such state. If the redness in their eyes looks an act, gauge the emotion in their voice to feel their pulse.

When you get home, try to meet up with some acquitances and distance relatives, ask Baba Jamiu and Alhaja Safu that gives you Sallah meat and Eid freebies in the year past when they had last the luxury to do that and see what what thier responses would sound like.

As of now, only few people has rams bleating on stand, that religious obligations is becoming a thing of the past to many thanks to unpaid salaries! Ask around why it’s so that they are owed four months salaries when the government boast that prosperity dwell in the land. Be not confused, try to know why it’s so even when the Federal government gave out Paris funds and bail out hitherto didn’t fail to give the statutory monthly allocation. Be not convinced, try to remember you pay tax too! These are people that know the feeling of hell on Earth. However, they smile when their plights become grievous than crying again and risk health issues. If after these facts gathering expedition you still do not feel the need to change the baton of power in Kwara State, I won’t be miffed for it’s always hard convincing a man.

However, dear reader, do not stop at that to sniff out the truth. Go to the government hospitals across the state to see how patients suffer and wish they never were taken to death beds called hospitals where they personally fuel the generator, buys the syringe and needles, and even pay for mere gloves and other things unheard of, which are stark contrary of what you hear on radio and feeds by the newspaper pages that the government did this and that.

Without a need to mince words, I must tell you the government tries, at least they have been doing something right – and that’s NOTHING! The government has been successful in doing NOTHING spectacular for the people of Kwara State.

Do not rest in your facts finding mission, dear reader. Check out the values, ethics and morals of the Kwara youth in recent times. The youth gets empowered with cars and guns for political violence, they have become miscreants enjoying the dividends of governance than the governed people of the state. It’s such a pity that the ancestral home of knowledge, Ilorin, land of Shaykhs, has been turned to breeding ground for master assassins. Such is what the youth have been reduced to – mere political vendetta tools out of joblessness and idleness.

Do not forget the Offa genocide soon. When praying for the peaceful slumber of the deceased, do always pray the perpetrators and abettors be brought to book. But do not ever forget they were all from Kwara. What more evidence do you need? Should Aremo be found stealing yams in a farmer’s barn? Isn’t it so disheartening when those charged with protection of the people become the hunters of their dear lives?

By now you should have seen through the cobweb of lies your eyes was veiled. You should know now that the state is not where it should be socially, politically, economically. More so when even the toga of peace and unity we boast of as a state is fast ebbing away. We lack good roads and accessible water. Go round, if you are fortunate to find pipe borne water running in most houses in Kwara State! We still heavily rely on boreholes and rain as sources of water even when KWSG reported they has spent 11bn on the Water Project! Do not forget to close your mouth in utter dismay. Praise Allah!

However, in all of these, Hope has come forth to serve the state. I say Kwarans should dream again. Hope for there’s still Hope. Lukman Olayiwola is that Hope I say. He’s the emerging light to the enveloping reign of darkness, terror and lack. LOM is the game changer to rewrite the stories of anguish, despair and frustration to fulfilment, abundance and sustenance for the people of Kwara State. Kwarans hope, there’s still hope.

LOM come with clean hands so would call for equity for all. His untainted dignity, brotherhood compassion and unrivalled competence stands him out head and shoulders above the rest.

Lukman Olayiwola, the CHAMPION OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT award winner vows to see to the transformation of Kwara by REBIRTHING the state socially, economically and politically. Such lofty dreams are not far from the mouth of politicians too but none has the sincerity and purity of intentions like LOM. Kwaran, hope there’s still hope .

Unsurprisingly but quite admirably, LOM has set clear several all encompassing plans and programs as agenda to revamp, revitalise, rescue, reenergize and REBIRTH the state. Our inimitable son and Captain of the talakalawas highlights amongst others HEALTH, EDUCATION, INFRASTRUCTURE,  AGRICULTURE , YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND SECURITY as his magical antidote to hale Kwara when he becomes the First Civil servant of Kwara State. LOM to his credit, is an astute planner, a resourceful administrator, a financial expert of high repute and successful business mogul who has cut and sharpen his teeth in one of the most sensitive sector, the banking industry. So it’s no surprising if he has such all encompassing plans to tackle hunger and redundancy in the state.

LOM has come with practical knowledge of the terrain of the state. Being an homeboy, Mallam Lukman knows where the shoes pinches his people and wishes to relieve them of pang and pain.

Should it be such a man we won’t support?

Let us not not lose courage at this stage that Hope has sprung forth in our midst. It’s high time we rally round Mallam Lukman mustapha, offers him support, lend our voices and thumbs as the only HOPE to snatch Kwara State from the political rapist hell bent on assaulting her to death.

Kwarans hope, there’s still HOPE.

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