Heroes Do not Die: Remembering Mohammad Alabi Lawal @11 By Bolaji Aladie

We don’t need a specific or chosen date to remember a hero like you because every seconds of our existence has a thought of you.
The legacy you left behind is too great to be easily forgotten,
The name you’d written in the book of history is an indelible one that will last all generations.

You’re a #Legend! You are indeed Kwara Hero
You’re a liberator, the Madiba and Awo of our own time.
We remember you not only on 15th November every year after you bade us bye,
We remember you every time the talk is about emancipation of our people, we remember you every time discussions all about the welfarism and betterment of our people, we remember you when we are brainstorming about the progress and development of our community, we remember you, especially when the civil servants and teachers who are living moderately large, looking respectful, discharging their home responsibilities dutifully are now begging corporately and shamelessly for crumbs to eat.

Mohammad Lawal, You blazed the trail of political consciousness, so sadden that those who you left us with are too engrossed in selfishness and pursuance of personal dreams at the expense of collective dreams.
You made us realized we can have it better in our dear State if we can stand tall against the Iroko demanding undue sacrifices from us.
As a progeny of the warlord, Kankafo, you led the battle that wage war against the politics of subserviency,
Being a thoroughbred son of the soil, you fought the battle of liberation of your people from the clip of political Yes Sir.
Alabi Erin, Ọmọ Mọrilewa, many who are ignorant and oblivious of your stance, they called you traitor, betrayer, the referred to you as ungrateful one who bit the finger which fed him,
They conspired and become accomplices in thwarting all your efforts to bring the change which could have broken the shackles of SIR (Slave I Remain)
Alabi Baba Arinola, ọkọ Nusi, Baba Ọladimeji Hakeem, the present situation is justifying your claims,
The unfolding events are vindicating you and those who are against your struggle are presently sulking and wailing at corners of their rooms as hunger and abjects play table tennis with their lives…
Alao Ọmọ onilu o ni fẹ kotu, iran abanigbe ni se bẹ ẹ,
Your dream will never die, your struggles and efforts for a prosperous Kwara shall not go in vain,
Thousands are springing up to continue genuinely from where you stopped and the promised land shall be reached if not now, definitely later.

On occasion of 11th years of your demise, I pray that may you continue to see merciful eyes of Allah (SWT), may you be forgiven of all your known and unknown, conscious and unconscious sins and  transgressions, and may you final abode be Janatul Firdaous.

Alao Erin, Ọmọ Mọrilewa ọmọ Laderin, Ọmọ eyan ti o pẹgan Ajanaku ni a ni mori nkan firi, sebi b’aba r’erin ka pe a r’erin.

Ọmọ opo kọrọbiti, opo korọbiti, opo rosọ, opo gbaja, opo ti o sunwọn, ẹ kọju ẹ sina, ina ti o sunwọn, ẹ kọju ẹ somi, omi ti o sunwọn, ẹfi pọn ọti fọmọ lile mu.

Ọmọ iyemọja toni Idiapẹ, iwọ lọmọ Afọnja ti n kirun, Jama ni n ki, iyemọja m bẹ nile ti baba wọn m bọ.

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