Has Africa’s First Lecturer HipHop Artist Given up on Music?

In 2016, mixed reaction trailed the announcement of a political science lecturer from the University of Ilorin who launched himself into limelight by venturing into Music.

Theorist on stage with his team during his official unveiling concert (2016)
Credit : Instagram.com/iam_theorist

Many saw it as an innovation and the move was widely commended as a creative and audacious move which unofficially landed him the title of “Africa’s first Lecturer Hip hop artist.

The Lecturer who goes by the name Isiaq Abdulwaheed with the stage name “Theorist” rode on the media frenzy generated by this exciting news and released at least 2 songs to his credit.

His most popular song till date is “Pack and Go“; a song that is themed on the controversial topic of divorce. The song got a wide attention from his expectant fans and was widely promoted by his team.

The art cover for his debut and most popular hit track “Pack and Go”
Credit: Lindaikejisblog.com

But the attention the song got was short lived as his fans were expecting more songs especially in other themes, dimensions  and style. The other tracks which was released thereafter failed to get much traction like the Pack and Go single.

Theorist poses with a Guitar in one of his promo photos
Credit: Kaybaba.com

This might have been demoralizing and might have dampened his spirit towards making other hits, bearing in mind the competitive nature of the Nigerian entertainment industry. We suspect he might have gone into oblivion ever since.

A visit to his official Instagram page  showed that he has not been active lately especially with music. His page was littered with birthday shoutouts of some strugling and popular Nigerian artistes whom he must have been opportuned to meet.

Theorist with Ola Dips
Credit : Instagram.com/iam_theorist

We all know music is tasking and demanding especially in Nigeria. A lot of challenges needs to be surmounted to be successful in music or entertainment in Nigeria. But one will expect things to go smoothly for Mr “Theorist” going by the fact that he already made a name for himself in the academic sector.

Well, you may say we are judgemental here for  saying  he has given up on music but it may also be wrong for you to judge us that we judged him. For why on earth will a new artiste who is serious about his trade (music) would not drop any hit in more than a year?

Who knows he might have dumped music and decided to focus on his academic works or perhaps his school (University of Ilorin), which is known for ‘high handedness” especially on circumstances like this, might have issued him strikes which could have made our beloved ‘Theorist’ distance himself from music.

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