Harmony Holding Limited: Open Letter To The Honourable Speaker, KWHA -By Sa’ad DanMusa

This is unlike Obasanjo’s letter to President Buhari but a real bad situation about you and the members of your house。
Critically,members of the public went through the outcome on media, the decision/verdict taken on corruption perpetrated by one Adebayo Sanni, one of the top Management of Kwara Harmony Investment where he was to refund just #20.5M。Its a stipend compare to what he stole!

Am quite sure,Adebayo Sanni must have stepped on toes of the Masters for him to be made a scape goat, otherwise the house is expected to probe the entire Harmony Holdings from Mr Tope Daramola to the lowest Cadre of the staff of the Company。Any oversight on this, shows that,your House of Assemly has done nothing on corruption in the state。
I want to tell the Speaker again in this medium that the Staff allocated good sites for themselves and start selling them at later date at an exhorbitant price. I was a victim of circumstances;I paid the sum of five hundred thousand Naira (₦500k)in 2013 for a standard plot at Royal Estate, Kulende,Ilorin. I took off one early morning from Lagos to go and see the allocated plot,but to my surprised,i was allocated right inside the river,while am not a Fadama or Rice Farmer.

Having taking the case up by series of letters,it was after five years they re—allocated me with the same price to a Village called Ogbondoroko without sign of development  in 10years time。
These wicked souls are backed up by the top management of Kwara Harmony to allocate good places like GRA,ASA DAM,AIRPORT etc to House Assembly members top politicians and to themselves with the same amount or with little difference and resale at later date。So many people has fallen a victim of the same circumstances。
This my letter to you is to;
1. Remind you that the company should be totally overhauled。

2. Remind you that the Professionals should be appointed。 

Good luck!


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