Group Embarks on 45 Days Walk for A New Nigeria

Pioneers of the New Nigeria Nationalist Movement have called on progressive Nigerians to join the movement in pursuit of a new Nigeria that will work for all.

According to one of the representatives  of the group, John Ayokunle Funso Falodun, Said: “the movement is geared towards sensitising and saving Nigerians from the ugly past that is affecting our presents while preparing the country for a better future.”

As part of efforts to drive home their message to Nigerians across each State of the federation, the group embarked on a 45days walk of freedom from Lagos to Abuja on January 29th and so far has made it to the 32nd day and currently at the outskirts of Lokoja in Kogi State. 

Speaking to the men of pen profession,  Ayokunle expressed that the movement is for all Nigerians irrespective of origin and place of residence. He said:  

“New Nigeria Nationalist Movements is a conglomerate of like minds from different  social and political backgrounds who are bond by desires to make this country great. Our mission is clearly spelt out and it aims to sensitize and save all Nigerians from the past that is affecting our present while we secure our future so that we can be useful and become responsible and patriotic citizens in the course of a nation building.”

“Our 45days Freedom walk from Lagos to Abuja tagged “Towards Rebuilding a New Nigeria of Our own” began 32days ago precisely January 29th, and we have  covered these following States: Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti and now we are in Kogi. Our source of energy and insipration from the beginning of this historical crusade has been the desire to have Nigeria of our dream which we hope to see by 2019. This movement is for me and you; it’s is a movement for a New Nigeria where everything will work out fine.”

“We are on this crusade for – we want a nation where everyone will enjoy what is meant for them and not like before where some set of cabals would sit on what is meant for the whole citizens and keep recycling themselves. We are working and walking towards building a New Nigeria of Our Own.  The Nigeria where we won’t need to know anybody that knows somebody before we get what we deserve. The Nigeria where the sons and daughters of Nobody will attain a high Position in the country without knowing Anybody.”

“Our crusade for fellow Nigerians is to give their mandates only to sane and responsible governments whose cardinal priority would be human developments because every governments is expected to take her people first.The truth you need to know is this, as you are tired of this present state of the nation so also we are.”

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