#FakeNews: Gbemi Saraki Berates Rumours Peddlers, Social Media Posts Manipulator

The erstwhile Kwara Central representative at Upper chamber of the national assembly Sen. Ruqayyah Gbemisola Saraki has scolded those who manipulated her social media posts to suit their mischievious rumours peddling activities.  In a statement personally signed by GRS as fondly called by her admirers she condemned the act and described it injurious, harmful to the growth of the society.

The statement reads…

“I personally consider politics a serious affair because it involves lives of thousands and millions of people and the fate of a nation. That’s why I attach utmost importance to utterances and actions that are political. ”

“I grew up with a particular quote often referred to by my dear father, “Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another” This has been a guiding principle of mine and as such, I am never flippant, nor careless with words spoken or written.  “

“Especially in this era of #FAKENEWS, our greatest challenge unfortunately won’t be scarcity of good intentions but abundance of deliberate manipulation of truth and a misinterpretation of good faith.”

“Severally, simple social media posts have been mischievously manipulated and rewritten into lengthy statements by evil minds to create an atmosphere of mistrust, acrimony and of course outright hatred particularly orchestrated to generate disaffection amongst the larger public. “

“Unfortunately, many lives have been lost and many destinies wrecked due to unfounded rumours and misrepresentation of facts. We see this in ethnic tensions and religious intolerance. If anything aggravates the tensions, violence and the general insecurity in Nigeria, fake news stand culpable in the spread of lies and distorted facts that turns people against people.”

“Fake News breed hatred and the resultant violence. One only needs to scroll down One’s timelines to check the enormity of hatred and evil peddled daily to confuse the people and poison their patriotism. 

I’ve been victim as well.”

“Series of quotes attributed to me over the past few months have been making the rounds on social media. Some very harmless, but nevertheless, fake news; others extremely harmful. “

“Just today, my simple Facebook page post has been manipulated, rewritten and circulated as a press statement online by such mischievous people. “As a staunch member of All Progressives Congress, my major focus remains the support for and re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari and the success of APC in Kwara State and beyond, come 2019, God willing.”

“As if I knew, I ended my post with a prayer : “May Allah grant us direction, guidance and restraint in our utterances and conduct.”

“FakeNews becomes even lethal when it is political because it targets good government and smear good leaders and great ideals that Nigeria needs to move forward. In the ensuing confusion, good names are maligned and good intentions are rubbished. We drive away great minds from our politics by this brush of fake news. “

“Of course, truth always catches up with lies eventually, but many lives would have been lost and hopes damaged. Our nation faces arduous challenges because evil people undermine the resolve of great Nigerians to work the prospect of our greatness.”

“As the 2019 beckons,  the challenge would remain distorted facts and concocted lies that the enemies of our nation, in our nation, would peddle to confuse electorates and stoke hatred in the minds of our people.”

“Again I repeat, may Allah grant us direction, guidance and RESTRAINT in our utterances and conduct.”

Sen Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki (GRS)  

Aug 2, 2018

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