End of The World! See 27 Unbelievable Pictures of Acclaimed Men of God Taking Advantages of Their Congregations 

It is just a reminder if we tell ourselves that the world is indeed nearing its end as different events and happenings around us are enough as signs and pointer to the end of the time we have here.

Below are the images of some acclaimed men of God from different parts of the world predominantly sub saharan African taking advantages of their congregations all in the name of deliverance, crusade, anointings and others. These illicit, immoral, condemnable acts range from extortion, sexual harrassments, molestations, degradations, ill-treaments amongst others.

We hope religion believers will have a thoughts and choose wisely when next they want to join a church, mosques and other places of worship as we have many devils agents posing to be saviors of souls.

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