While others are celebrating the full swing of the Eid-Fitr SALLAH Celebration with their families in the safety of their homes, it is not so with some displaced villagers living in ZAMFARA state who celebrated their own SALLAH on the road, away from their homes they have been displaced from due to insecurities that pervades some part of the state.

Obviously with no destination in mind, they wandered into safe zones and while some could get a place to stay; probably having a family there, others are not so lucky as they could be seen slaughtering their own sacrificial goat on the side of the road. They traveled far away from their homes, that has been a bee hive of activities for gunmen, not only with their heavy loads but also young children and heavy hearts.

Under intense pressure due to persistency of insecurities in some part of the state, the executive Governor Alhaji Abubakar Azeez Yari resigned from his position as chief security officer of the state because he said he has no access to military personnel and weaponry. He said all the 17 Emirs in the state should take it as their responsibility to report all cases of insecurity and forward their recommendations on how to face this menace.

Whether this is a step in the right direction is yet to be known but with people’s lives at stake and our future generations much in danger, maybe it’s high time Federal Government intervened. The soldiers deployed to the state are actually everywhere, pushing these hoodlums far and wide, yet they still keep coming back.

What need be done? Maybe it’s hightime we call in the Calvary…

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