Constituency Projects: Read Phone Conversations Between Senator Monsurat Sunmonu, Constituent.

On the 27th of March 2018 a young man called Afees Akinola Agboola took his precious time to mail the Office of the Senator representing his constituency in the Red Chamber; Sen. Monsurat Sunmonu, demanding to know how their wealth is been spent in the name of Constituency Projects. Unfortunately all his efforts fell in the deaf hear of the said senator and her aid. After a long waiting without response, the young man Amb Afees Akinola Agboola the CEO BELAC a non Governmental organization rendering service to humanity, took to his Facebook page to make public the steps he has taken to demand for accountability here are his words : “It’s 13 days since I sent an email to the office of Sen. Monsurat Sunmonu to clear some questions. No reply yet. I will make the content of the email known on Tuesday if by close of work tomorrow, Monday, no response is received”. Which he did as promised.

After the release of the contents of  the mail sent to the Office of the Senator representing Oyo Central; Sen Monsurat Sunmonu, he received  the worst lashing of his life from the supporters and aides of the Senator, instead of clearing the hear by answering the questions he asked accordingly, personality assassinations and name calling is what they resulted to.

A day later the Senator Mrs Monsurat Sunmonu took her time to engage the young man in telephone conversation, here is what they discussed. Enjoy your reading…

It has taken me sometime to update you on the phone conversation I had with Senator Monsurat Sunmonu, the Distinguished Senator representing the good people of Oyo Central Senatorial District because I had to combine my busy schedules, personal engagement with putting the long phone conversations in proper perspective to avoid misinformation and misrepresentation. 

The call was received the evening of Tuesday, 10th April, 2018 at 5:35pm and lasted about 1 hour 9 minutes. 

Initially after the call, I made a conclusion not to make our conversation public at least until I conclude my investigation and the challenge she threw at me, even though that wasn’t expected, but I decided I would do that on behalf of the people. Another reason was that, I didn’t want the issue of the email looking like a vendetta, which doesn’t exist actually in the first place, and it was because of this last reason I refused to share this link of a news blog that carried the article which was sent to me by their editor the evening of the same day at 10:47pm.

But this conversation is becoming a public knowledge because of Mr. Akinjide Ajisafe’s comment under my post titled: A Senator afraid of accountability which has made several people request to read about it. My failure to make it public, even after people have requested to see it would look as if there is a hidden agenda I am protecting.

Warning: This is a long conversation, hope you can be patient enough to read to the end. 

CALLER: Helloooo, how are you my son. 

ME: I am okay ma. Please, who am I speaking with? 

CALLER: My name is Senator Monsurat Sunmonu. 

ME: Oh! Good evening ma. 

SMS: I was briefed on what happened concerning an email you sent and that you were attacking me but I want you to first know that any query like that should go to the spokesperson. 

ME: Okay ma. 

SMS: And that is what I want us to first establish, lecture and train ourselves on very well. 

ME: Okay ma. 

SMS: So you might not know but it is not good enough for you to be telling me to come out and address you. 

ME: (cuts in) I didn’t say you should come out ooo. 

SMS: First, listen, I am telling you what they briefed me. 

ME: Okay, very good. 

SMS: First, I am your representative.

ME: Yes ma.

SMS: You have every right to ask any question. Then secondly, if we look at it from the other angle, it is not possible, since Fayose has been abusing Baba, when did Baba come out to exchange words with him? 

ME: Never

SMS: It has to be intellectual. When have you seen any of our leaders come out to reply everything people have been saying? 

ME: Never

SMS: Thank you. The documents are there for anyone to verify. 

ME: All right. 

SMS: Since people have answered you, this is what I will advise.

ME: I am with you ma. 

SMS: You write a letter to SDG in Abuja because you are tracking. Write to them, that will be more satisfactory. And I believe that will convince everyone, especially you. 

ME: Okay. 

SMS: I am telling you exactly what I was told. 

ME: I am getting you. 

SMS: That an email has been sent and you said to be forewarned is to be forearmed. That for my own sake, they should tell me to come out. 

ME: (Giggling) Okay, I am with you. 

SMS: I said I don’t believe that, it is very hard for me to believe that. 

ME: (cuts in) Thank God you said you don’t believe that. 

SMS: I have never heard that somebody will just ask a Senator, someone appointed by God to man a position, to come out and talk to him. It threw me off balance. I said can I have his number? That apart from being your representative, which I believe I should represent accordingly, if the person is from Oyo East, he should take me also as his mother… .

ME: (cuts in) Of course 

SMS: … because you know all the mothers are connected, if we are not mates, we will be relatives. 

ME: Yes

SMS: Ehn Ehn. So I won’t see my son abusing another mother and not act, so that is why I am calling you. I am not arguing with you guys but for you to get your facts, I will advise you write a letter to Abuja to get clarification, so that you can be more convinced. That they should explain to you and they will certainly. 

ME: Okay ma. Thank you. If you will permit me to say a few things… .

SMS: (cuts in) Why not? 

ME: Thanks. When I got the figures. I concluded the right thing to do was instead of going on Facebook criticising openly without facts, I would send an email directly to your office for clarification. And I even told Ibukun Ogunsina that if your office can reply with facts, it will give more credibility to your office and personality, we chatted and he was the only one among your team I told this. Now, after sending the message and waited for thirteen days, I decided, perhaps they didn’t get the email, that I would bring it to the notice of some of your team members that are my Facebook friends. I said this about two days ago. Then just yesterday, some members of your team, Generalisimo, Olabode, Lateef and Dauda, you can go through their walls to see what they wrote, started attacking my personality… .

SMS: (cuts in) I don’t use your Facebook

ME: Ehn Ehn, they started attacking me, that was what caused… .

SMS: How did they attack you? 

ME: Dauda said I am looking for something that was why I sent the email. The mail I sent secretly without anyone’s knowledge. So, if I didn’t inform them, will they be aware of it? So he said I am trying to look for a favour but I don’t know the favour he is talking about. You don’t know me and I don’t know you except the fact that you are my Senator, we have never had one-on-one conversation, so how would I be looking for a favour or do something to antagonise you? I didn’t get it. The same thing Olabode too. That was what incited the message I wrote today that I am only concerned about factual information for clarity sake and nothing more. And ma, you have been misinformed, if they can show you my Facebook post, you will see there is no language of threat to your personality, they have only lied to you because I know you are old enough to be my mother, how would I …. and I am always very civil in my own engagement, I don’t attack personality, I only ask simple questions about veracity of issues. And I have been engaging other representatives too, so I don’t abuse anyone and everything they have told you is just concocted lies to remain relevant on your good book. You can ask them to provide the email and everything. Then, when they claim to have responded under Omo Iya Kunmi’s thread, most of the information given, were not sufficient enough, reasons I sent the email to your office to perhaps provide full details, that was what happened. 

SMS: Listen, I can settle the disagreement between all of you. Are you with me? 

ME: Yes ma. 

SMS: … that all of you should stop fighting….

ME: (cuts in) I am not fighting them at all. 

SMS: Listen, concerning the information you requested for, write a letter to SDG, that will give you more clarity.

ME: Okay 

SMS: That you as an individual from Oyo East would like to know what’s happening, you will like to know how everything was done. I can even be obliged to direct you to them to show you Oyo Central file and what’s suppose to come to the District. 

ME: Okay

SMS: By the time you start from Oyo Central, perhaps the remaining 108 Senators would be moved to publish theirs too for everyone to know. It is right to investigate instead of fighting… .

ME: (cuts in) I am not fighting anyone at all, I was only expecting them since they are close to you to provide information and we close the chapter. They didn’t have to attack personality. 

SMS: Listen, I will not come out on Facebook….

ME: (cuts in) I didn’t ask you to come to Facebook to clarify, in fact, if you go through my post, you will observe I didn’t tag you. And personally, that was why I didn’t ask the questions on Facebook but instead opted for email. But they now even thought sending email is an abomination. I am not fighting them. 

SMS: Then I am not obliged to explain to only you out of 750,000 people in OC. I am not obliged. You understand?

ME: I am with you. 

SMS: It is just as Fayose has been asking Baba so many questions, you can see Baba didn’t respond because there are so many avenues one can explore to investigate. They told me, I am telling you exactly what I was briefed, that they have explained to you what you asked in the email. You can’t compare a Senator with a member of House of Assembly, likewise with a member of House of Representatives, I believe that’s the mistake you are all making. From HoR, you can’t compare with a councillor and downward like that. But it seems what you are doing is trying not to regard anyone. 

Me: (cuts in) How ma?

SMS: Which is not good enough. But as you have explained now that you were not even attacking me….

ME: (cuts in) How? You can search for my name on Facebook, check the post to see for yourself… .

SMS: (cuts in) My son… .

ME: Yes ma 

SMS: I don’t have time for all that you do there. 

ME: Why do I need to attack you? 

SMS: What I am concerned with is facing the work I am doing for the District, making sure I am doing the right thing because if one fails to be upright, one will give account to God, with due respect to you and I am not saying it to attack you, if one wishes for the downfall of a blessed person in high position, do you know it is that person that will fall first? 

ME: Definitely

SMS: Ehn Ehn, what I am trying to tell you is, let’s try to embrace one another, that’s one of the reasons Oyo is backward, that’s everything disturbing the progress of the town. You won’t see anyone doing such in Ibadan, Lagos, Edo and other places. We must be able to embrace each other, yeah, anybody may want to prove some things wrong, we should have a perfect way… some Oyo indigenes just left my house in London not quite long… ah ah, you see, Jide Ajisafe is just coming in now, can you hear his voice? 

ME: Yes ma. 

SMS: That’s what I am talking about… .

ME: (cuts in) Mummy, forgive me for sending you on an errand, ask egbon Jide about the post, he will explain everything to you including my own personality. I don’t attack people and I am always very civil. 

SMS and EGBON JIDE: (indescribable underground talk) 

EGBON JIDE: Afees, you know people have said it today that Mama is not someone like that? 

ME: Egbon, what they told Mama, which is what she is saying now is that I was attacking her personality. 

EGBON JIDE: Afees… .

ME: That was what she said they told her. 

EGBON JIDE: Why they were angry was because your response came in an attacking way… .

ME: And did it attack her? 

EGBON JIDE: You know I will say the truth. You have not done anything wrong with your email demanding clarification. You haven’t gone beyond your boundary. 

ME: OKay.

EGBON JIDE: Listen. (talking to SMS) He said he sent an email which wasn’t replied to after 13 days… .

SMS: (cuts in) We are not going to reply that email. I am not. 

EGBON JIDE: Yes. Omo Iya Kunmi asked similar questions which answers have been provided by people. 

SMS: We have 750,000 people. I am not representing Oyo East Local Government neither am I representing Oyo town alone, I am representing eleven local governments….

ME: Your Distinguished Senator ma. Ma….

SMS: (cuts in) If you ask Jide, sorry, I am not sending you home but when you get home, ask your dad who was Alhaji Akhibu, are you with me? 

ME: I know him

SMS: Wait, you can’t know them. You are quite young. 

EGBON JIDE: (interrupts) Even we don’t know him too

SMS: Can you hear? 

ME: (Proverb) The history narrated to a child will suffice even if he wasn’t present during the occurrence of them. 

SMS: God bless you 

ME: So I know him and his history 

SMS: That’s what I am saying. What I want you to do is to write SDG that they have stolen your money, so… .(laughing). When explanation has been made to you… .

ME: Mummy 

SMS: Yes

ME: I want to ask a question 

SMS: Okay

ME: Thank you ma. You said I am just one out of 750,000 constituents under your jurisdiction and that you can’t answer me directly. My question then is, what means do you want us to explore to reach you for clarification when the need arise?

SMS: Listen, your request asking me to come and give an account is not the proper way and that’s why I said if you need clarification, write to SDG in Abuja, I am giving you power to do that.

ME: So, that’s the only way we can get accountability from your office? 

SMS: Yours is not asking for accountability. You are asking me to sit with you and be telling you how it all went

ME: No, I didn’t ask that from you. I assume you have an office that should be responsible for that.

SMS: Do you know that if you pull out 100 people from my SD, they will confirm everything I have done because I did them openly? 

ME: Ma, every information they gave out… Do you know that I am aware of all these things you have done? I am aware of them.

SMS: You are not aware

ME: I am but the information your boys gave out was not comprehensive enough. It wasn’t comprehensive and they were disjointed when people asked them questions. 

SMS: Okay, I agree that the information was not comprehensive and that’s why you should write to Abuja to ask them to clarify your confusion about what your Senator claimed to have done

ME: It is well noted

SMS: The reason I said you are not aware is, they said you were asking how we shared our motorcycles, were you at IITA when we shared them? 

ME: I wasn’t there but I knew when you did it. 

SMS: Can you see you are not informed? 

ME: I knew when you did it but unfortunately couldn’t make it

SMS: Then why are you asking again? 

ME: (laughing)

SMS: You know why they were angry 

ME: Ma, l don’t give a damn if they are angry. We will continue to ask questions. Apart from the fact that you are our Representative, you are also an elderly person, so we shall be asking more questions and you should be ready to entertain that. 

SMS: Listen, what I am saying is, my responsibilities to you are, one, as your Representative and also as a mother, I must be able to guide you and put you in the right way… .

ME: And I have noted all that. Do you even know why I sent the mail to you directly? 

SMS: Okay

ME: I like to hold people by their words. One of your promises….

SMS: (interrupts) I don’t promise 

ME: Okay, if that’s not okay by you, one of your words when you were contesting as an Honourable to Oyo State House of Assembly and I noted that in the post too if they can present it to you that you said you will be giving us timely information even to the level of issuing out bulletin, so I was encouraged by that, that a person with such promise should be able to answer just an ordinary email and I believe if not you, someone should be behind the email address. 

SMS: You said when I was contesting at the level of Oyo East and West Local Governments, anybody can tell you then that I had no two phones and they will tell you I was always responding to calls even for hours explaining things in a very logical manner and they will tell you when I was at the state level, I was always attending local government meetings. Can you hear me? 

ME: Yes ma

SMS: And we also issued out bulletin containing our achievements. I used all means of communication available then but that was Oyo East and West Local Government 

ME: No doubt 

SMS: Thank you, so when you now move up to becoming a Senator where you will have… and that’s what I am telling you that you don’t understand because you will get to top positions too soon, you must not expect that from me. You mustn’t. 

ME: (smiles) Okay. We must not expect reply to an email right? 

SMS: Listen, you don’t expect response to an email. Listen. 

ME: (smiles) Okay 

SMS: When Buhari wanted to give an account of his stewardship, it was the Ministers that went to their zones to organise Town Hall Meetings because you don’t expect the President to visit all 774 Local Governments or a governor to visit all local governments and that’s why they have commissioners. Likewise a Senator that claims ⅓ of the state and that’s why what we do is seasonal. At least, in a year since I became a Senator, except last year December because of fuel scarcity, I was always touring my local councils. So for me that can manage to move round three times in a year, then if anyone don’t praise me, I will do it myself. It is not a joke to move round eleven local governments. More so, to the glory of God which is a blessing to all of us in Oyo Central, it has never been in the history of South West, talk less of Oyo State or Oyo Central or even Oyo town for someone to be made Chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs where we have to move round 116 Missions. We don’t visit them for jamboree, that’s the meaning of Abuja but you won’t let that affect your main purpose of being in Abuja because you still have to give account to your people so that was why I moved round during season periods to give account of my stewardship but for you to start telling me now to start replying all text messages, do you expect me to me answering them during plenary, tell me please… .

ME: Ma, I don’t want us to drag this further

SMS: Listen, we are praying for all of you to become great… .

ME: Do you know me before now? 


ME: Good

SMS: Wait, I will give you time because I always do that but I told you in the beginning that I am your representative as well as your mother, so I must make you understand what you don’t understand regardless of election or not because your achievements is paramount to me and Oyo is not where it ought to be. I have been in high societies, one of it is where I am with Jide, what’s bad in Nigeria becoming greater than UK so that they start coming to us? What’s bad if Oyo town and Oyo State are better than Abeokuta and Ogun State? It is because of what I have seen that made me to begin taking some of you out, so I decided to start from Abuja so that they can be exposed too and that was what I did for my House of Assembly members immediately we were elected, with due respect to the then members and without prejudice, I made the Governor know many of them have not been out of the country and the exposure we gave ourselves then helped our parliamentary year. It wasn’t waste of money, it has a long way to go. Classroom education is quite different from experiences you gain in the outer world. You know Obama became the American President because the Kennedy family saw him at an occasion where he went to make a presentation and that was it. That’s why I am also starting where I belong to so it puts me off when people behave like this. But I want to appreciate the fact that you said you weren’t attacking me which is why I thank you. And as a matter of fact, I am doing what I am doing not because of election but because of your tomorrow and my tomorrow because as you lay your bed, so you will lie on it. If I do well for the people of Oyo, that’s what myself and my children will inherit. That’s me. I told you that I don’t read anything on Facebook. 

ME: And that’s why I didn’t tag you either. And I don’t even have you as a friend, that was the reason I sent an email instead. And let me reiterate again, if you can have the opportunity… are you there? 

SMS: We are listening 

ME: What made me write the post I did today….

SMS: (cuts in) Was it today you wrote it? 

ME: Yes and I did that because of what your guys did yesterday attacking me. Ordinarily, I would expect that you sent them.

EGBON JIDE: What happened was that, he made it known on Facebook that he went you an email and that if no response is received, he would go public with the content, so guys didn’t allow him post it himself when they leaked the email… .

SMS: He should have made it public from the outset to avoid this rancour among them. 

EGBON JIDE: Afees is not even someone like that… .

ME: Mummy, I will advise you if you won’t take offense. 

SMS: No no, why not? 

ME: It is not every public critic that is looking for a favour from a politician. Some of us are doing it because we are passionate about the town and the country, you are free to ask Egbon Jide about me, I am a communitarian and I am doing it for free spending my personal fortune for the good of the community. If your team would now be thinking that I am doing this for personal benefits, when we have never met or had previous discourse. 

SMS: Who said that? 

ME: Your team members ma. They need to be taught some levels of decorum because it will be affecting your personality by people insinuating you are sending them. 

SMS: (laughs) Do you know where my personality has reached? Look, it’s good to be more advanced. You know the length my personality has reached? And don’t take an offense please. 

ME: Okay, no problem. I get your point but note that we are on ground, we know what’s happening within the community. 

SMS: Do you think what people have been writing about Buhari is affecting his personality? My own prayer is that God should elevate all of you. I want to be proud of all of you in the future and be thanking God so that when I leave politics, I will be very happy. So forget all the issues about personality and I am saying it without prejudice which I wouldn’t want you to be offended. 

ME: (interrupts) I am not offended at all

SMS: Thank you. My expectation for you all is beyond all these disagreement, will your write ups make the British Government to… .

ME: (interrupts) Ma, don’t just wave away the effects of what we do even if it is just on social media, you are well aware of what happened during 2015 elections, please, don’t wave it away. I won’t say more than that. 

SMS: Wait, in 2015 but I did win now. 

ME: Not you specifically but a lot of other things that played out then and you know very well what I mean

SMS: I don’t know what you actually mean because we have never had a discussion like this… .

ME: I just want you to talk to your team. I won’t attack anybody, I have never done it but if they try it again, I will give it back to them. Mine is to criticise because it is public opinion, I have never attack personality and I would never do it because I am from a good family, well brought up, well educated with moral upbringing but talk to them, when next they try it, I will give it to them back in double.

EGBON JIDE: Listen Afees, how many people would Mama warn… .

ME: Egbon, don’t say that, you read everything that happened and you were even cautioning them. 

SMS: Jide, you hear what he is saying and you know I always tell them that when I call them, it is a privilege… .

ME: No ma, ask Egbon Jide, I was even saying on one of the threads that we know your team to be calm and cool but they disappointed me yesterday going out of line. 

EGBON JIDE: Afees, I cautioned them really likewise Ibukun did but Mama is unaware of what happens there and if you must know, I am not her Facebook friend, go and check it. 

ME: Likewise myself, that’s why I don’t understand the favour they say I am looking for that made me send the email 

EGBON JIDE: But you don’t have to worry now since you are speaking directly with her and she hasn’t claim you are looking for any favour.

ME: But you know they were saying it publicly smearing my own reputation. And I have my personality too. 

EGBON JIDE: Afees, don’t worry about that. Do you think Kabiesi is worried that people abuse him despite their number? So don’t worry about their attack and that was why I said they shouldn’t have responded like that

ME: Of course 

EGBON JIDE: Like Mama now, she can be on phone for one hour making verification. Everyone has his own means of communication. Like brother Muideen Olagunju, he can engage people for the whole day making clarification but Mama doesn’t have that kind of time

ME: And exactly why I didn’t mention her directly, I was simply referring to her office

EGBON JIDE: But you know the guys felt your message was threatening because you gave ultimatum but they ought to have responded in a proper way

ME: Simple 

SMS: I want to ask a question before I let go

ME: Okay ma

SMS: Do you think it is mandatory for me to respond when you have given me a-14-day ultimatum? 

ME: No, I didn’t give you ultimatum, I directed it to your office. You can ask them to show you the post. 

SMS: Okay, you said my office and you are giving ultimatum. 

ME: I didn’t actually put any ultimatum in the email, what I said on Sunday was that after getting the figures from Udeme, it would be better I send email instead of going public. And I said after thirteen days that nothing was forthcoming, I would make the post public on Tuesday. 

EGBON JIDE: Do you know that in your first post, you didn’t reveal the content of the email, otherwise, if you had said it, Ogunjinmi wouldn’t have made the screenshots public. And you know my first question was, do you mean 13 days or 13 working days? 

ME: And I responded that it was 13 days

EGBON JIDE: I wrote an email to my Councilor here and till now, after a year, I haven’t got a response. Don’t be surprised you may not get a response until 2023 if you write to Buhari’s office

ME: But you will get an acknowledgement 

EGBON JIDE: You may not even get anything… you know the first person to ask these questions was Omo Iya Kunmi and people responded appropriately. I think you saw that post. 

SMS: I think he saw it but wasn’t satisfied 

ME: Yes, I wasn’t satisfied and everything they dropped didn’t capture what’s on Udeme 

SMS: Good, I understand now, though I am representing Oyo Senatorial District, likewise you are representing the people and this thing belongs to all of us, so we should give kudos to one person that can stand up to ask questions, so this is what I want you to do and please, do it, write to SDG in Abuja, are you with me? 

ME: Noted

SMS: I can even ask them to send you the address or you take it there personally, I am giving you free hand

ME: Okay

SMS: When you get there, tell them to open the book for you to go through everything, I can do that for you

ME: No problem 

SMS: So they will open everything for you for clarification and you go through it to satisfy yourself to avoid this disagreement among you, when they show you this, you will be satisfied because you are getting it directly from the source, this is what will solve the problem because if people say something and a Senator say something else and you are not satisfied, we are taking you to the next level and I beg you, please for God sake, carry out the assignment so that by the time you come back, you can also enlighten many that are ignorant of our work. We need people to work with us. We need to enlighten all doubting Thomases, it will cleanse our community of ignorance. What you are doing is community work which I personally appreciate. And I will continue to appreciate it. Again, I will want you to visit those that gave us the transformers, Ogun-Osun River Basin, at Ring-Road, Ibadan, when you get there, tell them you are from me and I would tell the manager there to give you every necessary document. After there, you can go to Abuja and I will instruct them to give to you all the documents you need. Or to avoid the insinuation that I have gone to alter the documents before you get there, visit them unannounced, then call me and I will ask them to take you to Mrs Adefulire to give you all Oyo Central files and you will get your facts. We must assist you to get your clarification. I will appreciate that and we will be expecting feedback from you

ME: No problem, (giggles) thank you. 

SMS: Your efforts will even place you on top of them and they will respect you more because they will give you all the copies. This is what I was expecting to be happening among you, not fighting 

ME: I wasn’t fighting them, I was only asking questions.

SMS: Just keep that to yourself, visit those places, get your facts and they will be powerless. So I am giving you the free hand and anywhere they are reluctant to answer you, just call me so I can tell them you are one of my constituents so that they can give you what you want because under FOI, you have every right to check anything concerning Oyo Central…

ME: Thank you ma

SMS: … and that we are working collaboratively together for the betterment of Oyo Central Senatorial District, so anywhere you have challenges of nonresponse, just call me and I would tell them I asked you to come. Is that all? 

ME: No problem 

SMS: So don’t expect any response from my office again, no one from my office will respond.

ME: (laughs) On this issue or any other issue in future?

SMS: Listen, this is what I want you to be doing 

ME: Okay

SMS: I am sorry ooo, very sorry, I just don’t want all of you to be having disagreement so any other thing you want, don’t bother to give ultimatum, just make it public, do you hear? 

ME: Okay, no problem 

SMS: Pull anything out, let the whole world see. It is anyone that has a hidden agenda that will be saying things should be done in secrecy, don’t let us do anything in secrecy. Let’s bring everything out for the whole world to see, at worse, anyone that underperform will not be reelected. I am a member of Anti-Corruption Committee so my life is simple. To me and I have got nothing to hide and I wouldn’t want issues like these to destroy your relationships, just put anything you want out. Make it public. 

ME: No problem 

SMS: Put everything out so that they can answer you, don’t send anything behind the back again and if they refuse to answer you, there is no need for disagreement, just call me. And if you bring out anything like that, it might help thousands of people having the same questions. And what I am saying is without prejudice to you that I wish all of you well, I want you to succeed. To see you and be happy in the nearest future. But it is normal we expect things like this, I have managed someone like you before so I am happy to see someone like you working for the community. If we see things like this, you know Nigeria would have been better and I am sure Nigeria will be better. If this is the kind of approach we need to make the country better, let’s use it. Just carry out your investigation as I have advised. 

ME: Okay, thank you. 

SMS: Go to Ogun-Osun, ask them how much we bought the transformers and any other thing we have done. Investigate everything and make your findings public. 

ME: No problem, thank you. 

SMS: I give you the free hand

ME: It’s a pleasure from me and happy birthdate once again. 

SMS: Thank you and have a wonderful day.

ME: Same to you. Thank you. 

SMS: Bye.

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