Children’s Day: Lukman Mustapha Advocates a Guaranteed Future For Children

Today,  marking the 2018 Children’s Day is a symbolic one, a day to appreciate the inestimable significance of the children, our future. A day to celebrate the most precious gift the Almighty bequeath us and a day to reminisce over how accountable we’ve made ourselves in looking after them and raising them to be better than we are, understanding that tomorrow belongs to them and a better tomorrow, we crave. 

Globally, children are recognized by visionary governments and concerned individuals as critical stakeholders in developmental strides, given the freshness and sharpness of their brain, their innate curiosity and flexibility. 

Hence, the need to mould them to be of communal benefit and national significance in all spheres: technology, health, humanity among others. Children are mine of human capital,  which if holistically harnessed will change the fortune of our dear State, Kwara and Nigeria at large. 

It is however unfortunate that what we have today is children, who should be under intense care and tutelage being major victims of misgovernance and social vices. The insecurity bedevilling the country hits these defenseless children so hard, they are the principal victims of the rotten educational system and exposed to various social menace that have sadly dominated our society in the recent time. 

It is thus, not out of place, taking the opportunity of this day of our future, the Children, to advocate for a guaranteed future for them. If we desire a brighter future as a state and nation, it must be the case that our children had better education, moral upbringing and welfare than we had.  Sadly, what is obtainable now is far worse than what we enjoyed. This has to change, we must prepare to maximize the inherent potentials of the children. 

It is high time an effective child right is put to action to prevent them against abuse of all forms and discrimination for those with disabilities. Qualitative and affordable education should be considered every child’s right and not privilege and more importantly, we must muscle our full strength in ensuring our wards at different locations of the country cease to be primary victims of violence either domestic or communal.

I join the world in celebrating our children and pray they grow to be greater than their dreams and the future we envisioned for them, as this translates to a better Kwara state and Nigeria beyond our imaginations.

I charge government at all levels, opinion moulders, traditional and religious leaders and indeed all people of conscience to rise and collectively champion a child friendly society, a society that guarantees the right of every child regardless of gender, there must be equal opportunity to excel and exhibit their God given talents.


Mal. Lukman O, Mustapha 

Kwara State PDP Gubernatorial Hopeful.  

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