Call to Bar: Hope rises for Firdaus Amasa, as Hijab Gets Approval 

There seem to be light at the end of the tunnel for embattled Firdaus Amasa whose refusal to remove her hijab led to her none call to Bar by the body of benchers.     

It would be recalled that Firdaus Amasa was denied call to bar during the event last year when she refused to remove her Hijab and the case ever since has generated alot of arguments, controversies, and  became subject of academic and legal debates across the world. Facts available to this medium however have it that she might be called to Bar next month, as she has been invited to the next call to Bar.  

According to reports available to this medium via information released by MURIC which is an Islamic body that fights for Muslim rights, it reads, “Report reaching MURIC National Secretariat a few minutes ago, today Thursday 21st June 2018, says the Body of Benchers has approved the use of hijab during Call to Bar.”

“We like to express our sincere gratitude to the Body of Benchers for painstakingly reviewing the case and for allowing professionalism to be the deciding factor.”

In addition, Firdaus Amasa has been invited to attend the Call to Bar coming up this July 2018″.

“MURIC thanks all Muslim leaders who intervened on behalf of Firdaus Amasa. We are also grateful to the House of Representatives for the positive role it played in this matter.”

“We felicitate with all Islamic organizations as well as Muslim brothers and sisters who stood with us all these days, particularly during the aborted public hearing in the National Assembly.”

However, according to another source that confided in this medium, it said,  “the decision is still subject of ratification of the body of benchers which has final verdict on the decision, but hopefully, the decison would be favourable not only to Firdaus but all Muslim female lawyers.”

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